Focus? What’s that?

New snood (aka cowl) on the needles. It’s a KAL with Lost City Knits, out of my favorite Foothills Fingering yarn. The pattern is by Donna Smith, and it’s called the Shallmillens Snood.


I have done more work on the Curl. It’s easy to do, I’ve just gotten distracted.


Please ignore the crumby table.

I’ve been wanting to weave, and today I got started. With all the news this week about the spew from the Republican nominee, I thought something for Threads of Compassion was appropriate. So I’ve been working on a scarf to donate.


Also working on a test knit, which I obviously can’t post a picture of.

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A Whole Lotta Garter Goin On

I finished the Match Maker, and it’s been through the washer and dryer and has done the usual magical Wollmeise transformation from stringy to squishy soft goodness.


I’m not presentable to model it, but maybe some time in the next couple of weeks I’ll remember to get some pictures taken before I change after work.


I also started a Ten Stitch Wave the other night out of some hand spun that’s one of my earliest projects.


I decided that was too narrow, so I ripped it and started a wider one.


And now I’m thinking it’s too wide, but I haven’t decided for sure yet.

I also started a Curl out of Hunter Hammersen’s new book, Curls 2. This one is Equivocation.


Originally I was going to use the purple hand spun for one of these patterns, but it’s really not plied tightly enough to look good.

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Cleaning Up

When we bought the generator and got the house wired last spring, we didn’t expect to need it in the middle of August. But need it we did last Thursday. We were under a little microburst that knocked out power for almost four hours. Jim got the genset spun up before I got home so I was able to open the garage and come on in like normal. House was a little warm because the genset won’t support the AC, but at least we had lights and fridge and all that stuff. The sweet gum out back didn’t fare so well.


Jim is standing between what got blown out of the tree and what we cut out to try to bring it back into some semblance of order. Our 35-40 foot tree is now 15-20. We’re hoping it makes it because we like having the shade, but it’s been losing limbs to ice and wind pretty regularly for the last couple of years. We’ll see.

I also cleaned up a couple of WIPs. The first is The Yarn Mama socks. They’re soft and cushy and I’m looking forward to wearing them next week.


AND – big one here – I got the Wine Garden blocked today.


That’s 146 pins over a 68″ diameter. I measured at least 80% of the points from the center out.


I’m really in love with the Vines and Leaves pattern. And I’m glad I went ahead and knit the last round in the grey I used for the border. I have no idea how I’ll wear the huge thing, but I really really love it.

This afternoon I started spinning one of my STB projects. This is some carded CVM/Romeldale. It’s still got a little bit of lanolin in it, and I’m enjoying it. Working on my long draw technique, and I can absolutely see some improvement in my consistency.


Plus I really love playing with my Mini Spinner. 🙂

Next weekend is Labor Day. Yay!

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There’s Only One Thing To Say

The knitting





Blocking next week. That’s a king sized bed for scale.

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Juggling The TV Schedule?

The Olympics are really screwing up our viewing. During baseball season we watch pretty much all the Cardinals games, and record a couple of things during the week that we catch up on during the weekend. But with the Olympics on, that’s hard to do. Thank goodness for On Demand viewing. Although tonight I think there might be three different TVs on in the house showing three different things.

I’ll be knitting on the MatchMaker. I have done more on the Wine Garden this week, but I decided I needed a break to knit nice easy garter stitch.


I’m 1/4 of the way through the first solid section, and I just love these colors. Which is not a big surprise since it’s Wollmeise.

This morning though I got a terrible urge to spin. So I grabbed the two bobbins of alpaca/Merino that needed plied and got them done in about an hour.


That’s pre-bath. They’re drying now. There’s about 300 yards out of 8 ounces, so I’d say I succeeded in my plan – to make a poofy soft yarn. There are a couple of places where the single was over spun, but not too many.

Had a nice time at Gourmet Yarn’s Yarn In yesterday, and I did get a couple more of Jennifer’s colors. Some doesn’t count because it’s for Christmas presents, but there is one that’s all mine. And she gave me one she dyed just for me too! It goes perfectly with the one I bought, and I spent a couple of hours last night looking at patterns and I think I’ve got it narrowed down to about three.

Back to the Olympics!

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