This is my sweet Rhett boy.


We adopted him in March 2005 along with Brandi. Rhett had come in to the clinic as a stray (I think one of the staff saw him and picked him up) just a couple of days before we came in to meet the adoptable dogs. He was horribly skinny, mangy, and would place no weight on one of his hind legs. We wondered for a while if he had a hearing problem because he just didn’t react to much of anything.Rhett

So why did we bring this pitiful piece of dog home? He walked out with the assistant, walked up to Jim, and leaned against his leg. That was it.

Doc agreed to fix his leg. He thought it was his knee, but when he got him sedated and took the Xray, turned out it was his hip. He had had an injury some time in the past that wasn’t dealt with, and it had healed funny. He also has a pellet in that leg where someone shot him, but it’s not hurting anything so we left it alone. What did Doc do? Went in and cut the head of the femur off. Bodies are amazing things. The tendons, muscle and scar tissue all work together to bind things up. It took several months, but Rhett is now a four legged dog. Every once in a great while he’ll tweak it a little, but overall unless you were looking for it you’d never see anything different in how he uses that leg. He runs, jumps, hikes his leg to pee, everything. He even sits now – he didn’t at first, probably because it hurt.

He has a beautiful glossy reddish gold and white coat, and sweet brown eyes. I think he grew an inch or two after he came to us – I suspect his growth was stunted from lack of food, going by how his feet don’t quite seem to fit him.

Brandi and RhettThere’s nothing wrong with his hearing. We watched this dog absolutely bloom. You could almost see him realize that when we called him, it meant getting something to eat or his ears scratched. Now he’ll come up and head butt you asking for petting. I don’t know what kind of monsters had this dog when he was young, but I only hope they never, ever wind up with another animal entrusted to their “care”.

Rhett died from a sudden cardiac event about 3:30 on the morning of Saturday, June 7, 2014. We always knew he would never be an old dog, but we thought we’d have more of a chance to say goodbye. He left a huge ragged hole in our lives, and we miss him terribly.