This is my Brandi Boodle Boo.


She’s about 40 pounds of pure wiggle. A pit mix of some sort, we don’t know what. She’s about 2 1/2 or 3 now. We adopted her in March 2005, after losing Skeeter about a year before that, and Paco in October of 2004. It took a while to be ready for new kids.Brandi and Rhett

We adopted her from the vet. She had been hit by a car, and Doc Boyer said one of her front legs was broken in several places. In fact, she still very much favors it, although I wonder how much of that is just habit. When she’s really tearing after something she doesn’t seem to notice it, but you do see her tweak it occasionally.

She stayed at the clinic for a while, then a family took her to foster. They brought her in one weekend “to board” and never came back. So she wound up back in a run. We had no idea we’d wind up wanting her when we went to see the dogs they had for adoption, but something about her just told me to bring her home.

Brandi is a very active, very headstrong dog, but she also wants nothing more than to please her people. She’s the alpha in her yard, but knows she’s not with the people. It took less than a week to almost completely stop her jumping up, and now she does it very, very rarely. Rarely enough that I usually remark on it. What worked? The “I’m a tree” method. Brandi jumped – we turned our back and ignored her. Her feet were on the ground – she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. If only it were that easy with her pulling on the leash…

She’s also learned she doesn’t get to leave to go on a walk or get in the car until she sits down and lets us put on her gentle leader. She wiggles, but she sits. She’s a great dog, but I think she’s best suited for a childless household like she has here. It’s not that she doesn’t like kids – she does – it’s just that she needs consistency and someone who can stay calm when she gets fired up. Plus she’s rambunctious. I don’t think little kids are the best for her, although older kids would probably be fine if they understood how important it is to be firm and constant with her. Doesn’t matter – she’s here for the duration. No WAY this dog is going anywhere.