This Really Deserves Its Own Post

But it’s getting lumped in with the last day stuff.

That Super-Secret-Extra-Exciting thing? Here it is.


This is Amy, Randy, and their new son Sean. We threw a surprise shower for them Sunday night when the boys got in from camping. Don’t tell anyone – but we made Amy cry. And don’t tell Amy – but we all cried too.


I wish you could see the pure joy on their faces when they look at the little guy. It’s very, very special and I feel privileged to have been a part of it. Amy, Randy and Sean – I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness together.

Dammit, I’m crying again.

Okay. Dog ears scratched and composure regained.

I really did go to camp and really did meet Nancy. See!!


I sound like a broken record, but I just like her.

Monday is Meg’s SNT day. For the last couple of years she’s been bringing in things from the Armenian Knitting booklet that’s grown to a proper book. It’s hopefully going off to the printer any day now and will be available in September. Schoolhouse Press is taking preorders now I believe.

We’ve seen this sweater before, but I haven’t taken photos.


A little hat:


And a beautiful vest.


It’s really cool – stranded knitting, trapped every fourth stitch, and you can float a motif out right in the middle of everything. I’ve got an idea for something I want to do, but it’s just an idea at this point.

A little detail of the shaping. Notice how the neck decreases are outside the patterning so it’s not interrupted. This kind of attention to detail is one of the things I love about Megs work.


The last day of camp is also contest time. Subject is picked the year before, everyone has a year to think on it, and it gets wild. We laugh ourselves absolutely silly. The creativity and thought that goes into these projects are astounding. This is the first time I’ve actually done an entry.

I’ll try to do the back stories, although some of them are pretty simple to see. These are just going up in the order I processed them through the image software, with the winner at the bottom. I’m sorry to say I didn’t get who knit each thing. They were whipping through the room and we were all laughing so hard I wasn’t making notes on who did what. As best I can remember I’ll tell you who did them. My apologies to those of you I don’t name.

Our topic this year: “The Devil Wears Zimmerman”
Greg first. We won’t go into the comments on the horn warmers and how that little conversational thread went. Suffice to say knitters do not fit their stereotypes.


Anne – who skipped SNT – did do a 50s ensemble featuring an EZ rib warmer in devlish red. I have no idea what I screwed up to make the photo blurry.

Sheryl knit a shawl featuring knit in pi – also in devil red.


I knit a sweater for…well….the devil.


Lucy – devil is in the details baby. This is an amazing sweater.


Poppy did performance art, along with doing her own thing wrist warmers. She was the temptress.


Shirley was the devil. Sadly the photo with the horns lit didn’t come out well.


Joanne – you need to notice the details, including the “Elizabeth Made Me Do It” flag.


Mary – she must be in league with the devil to finish with that much yarn left.


Jane told us the story of how the devil came up to meet Elizabeth, and he got cold. So he got a nice little ensemble.


Martha and her little devils tomten – complete with horn holes.


Maggie and her ribwarmer – but it’s hot down there so hers is a nice airy lace.


Jaya and her Zimmerman bag.


Sandi and her lovely little baby surprise. At least until the devil popped in and pulled all her ends.


Terri gets two pictures because you just have to get the whole picture. Remember, this is a takeoff on The Devil Wears Prada. The pictures just have to speak for themselves.


You did note the shoes, right? I would have fallen all over myself. And the bag iteslf.


Linda – I wish I could remember the reason for the dreadlocks but I don’t.  I was laughing too hard.  The sweater was done with tshirt strips.  I’m surprised it wasn’t rubber bands…


Illeana was actually devilish enough many years ago to write to Elizabeth and tell her she thought her hat pattern could be improved upon.


Linda and the first EZ thing that tempted her – a Pi Shawl.


Debbie and her couture earrings.


Jane in her Adult Surprise.  She had a baby surprise too.


Lorraine gave us EZ teaching the devil to knit.  If you can see the detail – notice his copy of The Opinionated Knitter.


Nancy’s Taz – I didn’t even think of that sort of devil.


Gwen and her Blue Devil in the Gaffers Scarf.  I know there are note cards of the famous photo of the model poured into the tubular scarf, but I can’t find them in the online catalog.


I think it was Karen who knit the hat.  It’s a play on the little motif that looks like a critter, with tridents worked into the top.


Colleen’s pregnant little devil knitting her baby surprise.  Notice the needles, compliments of Colleens son.


Crap – who did the glasses?  It was someone up at the front…. Andrea I think.


And finally – a Zimmerman, complete with lining.  I have no idea who knit this, I’m sorry.


There were others, but I missed getting them shot.  I’m so sorry about that.

So – the winning entry.  I know it sounded really, really loud to me when it was shown.  I expected a reaction, but not one that big.  Photo credit to Meg.  And thank you all for your votes.


He’s currently on tour, beginning in Seattle.  If you’d like him to make a swing through your city please let me know.  My only request is that each host send me a picture to post of his travels.

I can’t believe it’s already over.  Camp is such a wonderful experience.  I don’t even want to think about missing it, and have no intention of doing so if I can help it.  Those years we take extra special vacations I may have to for financial reasons, but I sincerely hope to see all my camp friends again next year.

Hugs to every single one of you.

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10 Responses to This Really Deserves Its Own Post

  1. Nancy J says:

    Taz and I need the tissue box passed, please…. Hugs.

  2. Robin says:

    That is a gorgeous sweater. It sounds like you had a great time. Wasn’t there a hat too???

  3. Elaine says:

    Well, of course you won. The idea was fantastic!

    Loved it.


  4. Willi says:

    Your winner was fantastic. Great that you put all the pictures up for us that weren’t there to see. We heard about Sean at Camp 1 but this is the first picture that I have seen.


  5. Mary says:

    Oh my gosh! You all had so much fun! I love seeing the pictures of Amy’s shower!! The pictures made ME cry! During the first camp she got the news that Sean was coming home. We all were so happy for them!!

    You know, we started a blog for the first camp…

    Perhaps we should invite camp 2? Do you have their emails?

  6. louann says:

    Thank you for your great pictures….Went to camp 1 for the second time this year!! It was fantastic….your pictures bring back fond memories! So glad you won the contest! Your entry is fantastic! Louann

  7. CurliSu says:

    Congratulations on your win. The entries must have been judged like the scoring in ice skating; points for both technical merit (skill of execution) and required elements (sticking to the theme criteria). You aced it on both!

  8. Amy Detjen says:

    Linda, you sweet girl! I love the pix of my family. You are a great photographer. As soon as I remember how to update my blog, I’m putting a link to yours! It’s so helpful to have the contest entries all listed and shown in detail, it will help us remember that fun and frantic morning for years to come. Sadly, the camps do start to run together in my mind, and having your blog will keep me fresh!

    I’m getting ready to leave (tomorrow) for the 4th and final camp of the summer. Oft-Timers is old home week, and I’m looking forward to it. Then, too, I’m looking forward to being home and sleeping 4 consecutive nights in my own bed. As always, the end of July is bitter/sweet.

    Thanks again for the thoughtful and inspiring posts! Amy D

  9. LOVE your devil wearing Zimmerman. Or rather, loathe the person it depicts but what a fabulous idea and very well done!

    You commented on my blog – how’d you find me?! Just curious – most people who comment are locals!

  10. butterfky4 says:

    it’s nice to see knitting party, and all the knitting stuf are very nice.
    we have also meeting partys and we learn from each other new paterns

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