It’s Actually Working

I’ve finished two of the Gimmiemas presents, except for washing/blocking/whatever you want to call it.


They’re both about seven feet long. I’m really pleased with how the selvedge (I’ve seen it on dictionary sites as selvedge and selvage – I’m going with selvedge) looks on the orange and white one. Especially considering it’s my first stab at changing colors every other pick.


Once I got the scarf off, I flipped the loom to the back and put in the pegs that turn it into a warping board. Then I put on a three yard warp of some yarn that’s been in stash for a long, long time.


The yarn is one from Fiesta that’s a rayon boucle and a mohair. It’s made to be knit together, but I decided to split them and use the rayon as warp and the mohair as weft in a scarf. The first project on the birthday present I bought for myself.


That’s an 8-shaft Schacht Baby Wolf loom. I haven’t decided if I’m going to buy a bench or an office chair yet, so for now I’m using one of the dining room chairs.

Once I actually started threading the heddles and then the reed, I was afraid this project would be a huge failure. I really thought about just taking the warp off and either trashing it or moving it on to the rigid heddle loom. As you can see, the boucle loops are really a snug fit for the reed.


Plus the yarn has to slide through the holes in the heddles as you raise and lower them. I was thinking there was no way I wasn’t going to be popping those suckers left and right. But I kept going, just taking it slow and really paying attention to what I was doing.

And it works beautifully.


The actual weaving goes delightfully fast. It took forever to get the project warped, but that was because of my choice of a really slippery yarn and the bleeping little loops.

Right now it’s folded up and in it’s temporary home instead of in the middle of the living room floor where it’s been the last couple of days.


It’s certainly not quiet with the empty heddles rattling around every time I change the shed. I could take off all the heddles I don’t use for a given project, but I’m not going to. What I am doing is working on clearing space in the yarn room so I can turn it into a studio. I’m by no means getting rid of all my yarn, but pretty much anything bigger than DK is probably going. Well, the Malabrigo will stay. And probably a couple of cottons I use for gifts of baby blankets that can be tossed in the washer and dryer. I’ve mailed off thousands of yards of wool and mostly wool yarn the last couple of weeks, but the charity I’ve been donating to only uses wool. Much of what’s left is cotton, man made, or blends. I’m looking for a charity for it and know one local one that will take the machine washable stuff. I’m open to suggestions if you know a worthy cause that could use it.

Early Wednesday morning we’re headed off on our 120th Birthday trip to St Lucia. Mom gets to take care of all the kids while we’re gone, and she leaves on a cruise just as we get back home. I’m really, really looking forward to the trip.

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