I Keep Saying I’m Not Going To Do It Again

And then I do.

A woven Gimmiemas present in progress.


A knitted Gimmiemas gift in progress.


A little closer look – I love this one-row scarf pattern.


There’s more to come on that front. But I have done some more work on stuff for me too. Like the lovely snood.


And a little more work on the charity scarf.


I’ve been doing some work in the yarn room in an effort to free up space. I’m wanting to turn it into a sort of studio. It will still involve lots of storage, but I want space to use equipment.

SO – if you know a charity that would be interested in yarn donations, please let me know. I’m getting rid of much of what I have that’s over about a DK weight, because I probably won’t ever knit it. Lots of it is pretty good stuff, some of it isn’t. Most is different fiber blends, and far more is labeled as hand wash than as machine washable. I’ve got a great place to donate the wool and blends down to 80% already.

Or if there’s something in my stash you lust after (sorry, lusting for yarn is NOT dirty in any way shape or form) send me a Rav PM linking to it and we’ll see if we can work something out.

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