Focus? What’s that?

New snood (aka cowl) on the needles. It’s a KAL with Lost City Knits, out of my favorite Foothills Fingering yarn. The pattern is by Donna Smith, and it’s called the Shallmillens Snood.


I have done more work on the Curl. It’s easy to do, I’ve just gotten distracted.


Please ignore the crumby table.

I’ve been wanting to weave, and today I got started. With all the news this week about the spew from the Republican nominee, I thought something for Threads of Compassion was appropriate. So I’ve been working on a scarf to donate.


Also working on a test knit, which I obviously can’t post a picture of.

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2 Responses to Squirrel!

  1. Nancy says:

    Find the snood intriguing to watch developing, trust you feel the same.

  2. Jen says:

    That weaving project looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see it finished! 🙂 Great seeing you Saturday….love you…(((hugs))).

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