FCJ And Edging!

Last weekend was the 10th Annual Fiber Christmas in July.


Holy shit big picture! Anyway, I also got some goodies, but not too much.


The black I’ll either draft in with another braid, or I’ll ply it with something.

Done some work on The Yarn Mama socks. I got quite a bit done while I was getting my pedicure yesterday.


I managed not to start the hat last week, but I did finally break out one of my precious skeins of Glukstaag, but it’s a WD. I don’t care, it’s gorgeous. This is (no shock) one of Martina Bhem’s patterns. It winds up as a big cowl, but it’s all garter. We know how much I like simple stuff.


And I’ve been bordering along on my Wine Garden. I’m not quite half way around.


And here’s a little closer look. I’m glad I did the last round before the border in grey, I think it would have looked funny doing the joining in two colors.


I’m not officially participating in the games formerly known as the Ravelympics, but I would like to try to finish this before the games are over.

Happy Sunday!

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