Tour de Whatsit?

I have fallen so completely out of Tour de Fleece it’s like I never got past a tricycle. Why?


Because I’m putting the border on my Wine Garden. With only about 30 of the 146 repeats of the 14-row pattern done I’ve still got a long way to go, but it’s kind of thrilling to check and realize there are a few more inches of free shawl edge showing.

I also ripped back one color repeat of the socks I showed last week and did knit the toe, but I haven’t grafted it and started sock 2 yet.

But with that said – I always come home from Camp all fired up about stranded knitting. Usually I turn up with yarn to knit some monstrous project, although I did manage to miss that particular hazard this year. I have yarn in the stash to knit several of them already. But I also know I tend to come home blazing, rush into something, and wind up disappointed. So I’ve been trying to stay sane this year. Earlier today I realized I have the perfect antidote for this particular sickness already here.


Yes, it’s a picture of a picture and the color didn’t come through very well, but it’s a knitted tam and I already have yarn for it that I bought a year or two ago when SHP published the new Mary Rowe tam book. I found the book (had to hunt because I haven’t Cleaned Up My Crap in way too long) and the stash of yarn and picked this one out of the three. Once I finish the shawl border, this is next on the list. Unless I can’t stand it and start it sooner.

Now I just have to figure out where I’m going to block this huge shawl. I’ll probably strip my bed and do it there, because the only floor spaces I have that are large enough I can’t keep the animals out. Means the cats will be unable to reach their food for a couple of hours, but they won’t starve.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Tam! Tam! Cast on the tam!!!
    So pleased each day to watch your progress on Wine Garden.

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