I Didn’t Want To Come Home

Or, spinning on the road.

It’s Tour de Fleece, and I’ve been doing really well.

I’ve spun some thin singles with 1/4 of a batch of fiber, and I’m going to spin the next 3/4 fluffier and ply them together. Today is one of the challenge days, and spinning thicker is very much a challenge for me.


One of the fun things about it was I tried out spinning in the car, and it worked fabulously.


Before we left I spun a double bullseye bump. Right now I’m thinking matching mittens, then doubling what’s left and making a hat.


On our way we passed this silo and noted where it was. On the way home we remembered to stop to get the shot.


Camp was the usual awesome time. Poor Denise got really sick, which sucked but she’s home and almost 100% again. Check out this lovely stranded shawl Janine knit.


Contest was a hoot, as always. The Cat in the Hat won.


And Maggie did her usual amazing sweater for her local hospital to raffle. She said the only thing that ever gets more money donated for tickets is the Green Bay Packers suite.


I finished the Manic Panic cowl out of handspun. It’s bigger than I planned, but that’s okay. Still unblocked in this picture.


Also on the knitting front, I’ve made it through all the rings of my Wine Garden, and I’m ready to start attaching the border. It occurred to me that putting a different colored border on might cause some color blips I didn’t want, so I changed colors on the last plain round.


Finished some merino/alpaca singles. The fiber has been in my stash for 3 or 4 years, and I’m trying to keep it fairly fluffy. We’ll see how it comes out after plying.


And finally, I worked on a lovely stripey sock out of the hank of The Yarn Mama I got to keep. I made the sole way longer than I need to, but that’s okay. It just means the non-ribbed fabric will start a little higher on the back of my ankle.


Next weekend is quiet, then the weekend after is Fiber Christmas. There are a couple of new vendors so I’m looking forward to finding more fun stuff to spin. Have I mentioned how much I love my new miniSpinner?

And yes, I did buy a some yarn. I set myself an exemption at the beginning of the year so I feel no guilt whatsoever.

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2 Responses to I Didn’t Want To Come Home

  1. Nancy says:

    Just so fiberlicious…and ever so awesome to hug you both in person.

  2. Penny says:

    A week and a half later and full into work, I am ready for a Do Over!!

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