Kinda Wobbling

So you may have noticed I haven’t spent money on yarn (actual finished yarn, not fiber) since before Christmas. This has been very deliberate on my part because of the insane amount of yarn I already have. Plus I keep spinning more.


One of my besties has started dyeing yarn, and it’s for sale at Gourmet Yarn. Once I get through this week at work I’m off for 11 days so I will probably pop up next Saturday and pick some up. My other bestie makes her living with yarn and teaching knitting. There seems to be a pattern here.

Speaking of yarn I’ve spun, the main thing I knit on this week was the Manic Panic Cowl. I had to go to Kansas City for work, so it was my evening “knitting while watching Netflix” project. Still got a couple of inches to go before it’s wide enough, but I don’t think I’ll use up all the yarn.


I love how either side of linen stitch looks good. Since this is an actual Mobius even while knitting, it’s just (k1, slip 1 wyif) around and around and around. If you look closely you can see the pattern looks different on either side of the pink. Another nice thing is┬áthe fabric doesn’t curl at the edges, so I just have to make sure I bind off loosely enough.

The third TdS released while I was in KC. I decided to go ahead and knit it, but I don’t think I’ll make the cut off this time. It’s (appropriately) called Diamondback.


That’s another Yarns On Stage buy from 2010. I didn’t set out to only use yarns from that batch for TdS, but so far both pair have worked out that way.

I didn’t spin any last week, but today I felt the need to bring the mS out. This is some Cormo from the 2012 Woolgatherings Fancy Pants club. I haven’t spun Cormo before, and I’m really enjoying it. VERY soft stuff.


Camp is SOON. And once again I don’t have a contest entry. I had a character in mind and even toyed with some designs, but I’d be surprised if more than one or two people who will be there have even heard of the series she’s from. Or if they’d admit it if they had, because it’s not exactly high-brow reading. Not that the campers are stuck up, I just don’t think they’ll know about it. And I’m not loaning my copies of the first three books (there are three trilogies, the first one is the best) out to anyone.

I’ll probably have some drivel to post next weekend, then I’ll skip a week.

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2 Responses to Kinda Wobbling

  1. Penny says:

    Those are some nice colorways at Gourmet Yarn!!! And your other friend has some nice ones too. When I grow up I want to have the control you have. Can’t wait to see you!!

  2. Nancy says:

    It’s unlikely people know my character although a few with be semi-familiar.
    I so love Cormo…my Jacobs were half Cormo though they looked like Jacobs and the fleeces were spectacular. Well, are spectacular, as I still have some to spin.
    See you SOON!

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