Life Is Busy

So I’ve been remiss in posting.

Last week I had training in Missouri, and next week I’m in Kansas City working all week. Home the week after, then going to Camp. I guess being busy keeps me out of trouble, but it does make it hard to stop and blog sometimes.

So – I did the first round of Tour de Sock.


I used a sock blank that’s been in my stash since 2010. They haven’t been washed yet so they still look more textured than they will in the end. It’s an Adrienne Fong pattern, and I generally really enjoy hers. This one was no exception. I really loved this little detail


of the lacy pattern in the gusset triangle.

We left a couple of days early for my training last week and visited with Beverly and Bill in Bella Vista. Spent Saturday afternoon enjoying the pool and was looking forward to doing the same Sunday. Unfortunately it wound up being a total rain out. The good part of that is I got the Coopworth completely spun up.


I’ve got to tell you, I wouldn’t have finished it if I had been using one of the wheels instead of the mS. I wound up having to use a short backward draft for the first time. It had to do with how tight (or really loose) I grip the fiber and how slippery this stuff is. The fiber is a little coarse for my taste, but I have an idea what to do with it. Eventually.

I did start another spin, but I didn’t get the mS out to take pictures of it. Still trying to decide if I want to take it with me next week or not.

Worked on my Happy New Year socks some more, and am working on the gusset decreases.


I’ve been wanting to knit with some of my hand spun for a while, and LSG just started a Rainbow-Along last week. Partly because June is Pride month, and partly as a response to the horrific attack in Orlando. This yarn isn’t technically rainbow, but it’s close enough and it’s pretty. The pattern is one I’ve been thinking about knitting for a while, and it just seemed like the right time to go for it.


And the majority of the car time during the trip (Jim went along as a fabulous chauffeur) was spent with my Wine Garden.


I’m almost through the second of 3.5 repeats of the last lace pattern. 1,024 stitch rounds take a loooong time to knit, even though the pattern isn’t hard.

Happy Father’s Day if any of you readers are dads.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Creating beauty is one of your specialties. Getting into/causing trouble? Hey, we would expect nothing less and must see what we can do in a couple weeks!!!

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