Dang I Did All That?

Wow it looks like I’ve been really busy this week.

I finished the Falkland and it’s really pretty.


And once it was washed up.


The color in the top picture is far more accurate.

My nephew graduated from high school on Saturday. The ceremony was downtown, right after another graduation for 500 or so kids, right across the street from where an NBA playoff game was going to happen 2 hours after his ceremony started. But there was no way I was going to miss it.

So yeah. We got there really early, and I was smart enough to take my simple sock knitting. Made some good progress on the Happy New Year socks that I’ve only been working on when I’m waiting somewhere.


Got a little done on them this morning before the 5k and on the way home too. I beat my goal for the 5k by well over a minute, and set a new goal for the next one I plan to run around Halloween.

Yesterday I finished scouring last year’s Margo fleece. A bit of it was really nice and soft and I’m hoping I get some more really nice stuff off her fleece I got this year. But I decided I wanted to work on George, the beautiful dark hogget fleece I got at DFW this year. I’ve been scouring my last two fleeces outside of bags, in layers. Because of the breed, that worked really well. With a lovely soft merino? Not so much.

I did two batches today and they’re drying now. I’m thinking I’ll go back to processing in bags again, but won’t decide for sure until those two batches are dry and I get a feel for how they came out.

Filled up one of my Turkish spindles this week.


When you finish filling the spindle, you slide the center shaft out the bottom. Then you slip the arms out


and you’re left with a nice little center pull blob to ply from.


I’ve created a monster with my black cat. He finally realized that’s a tree out there in the yard, and now I can’t keep him out of it. Today he was as high up as he could get a couple of times. Luckily he comes down when I call him. Puppycat big time.


I’ve also done lots of knitting on my Wine Garden shawl. I’m through one repeat of the Vines and Leaves chart. Still got 2 1/2 repeats to go, then the border.


And I’ve started another bin spin. This one is 16 ounces(!) of Coopworth from Hidden Valley Farms that I got at camp a couple of years ago. It’s nice fiber, but not something I think I’ll spin again. I have another pound of another color, so I’m offering it up as a prize in one of the Tour de Fleece teams I’m on this year.


That’s half of it.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Ja, ya did all dat.

    Pussycat, pussycat…..(sing along)

    Beautiful fibering this week!

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