A Big Old Pi

I’ve made it through the final increase for my Kailyard, aka Wine Garden. That means I’m knitting 1,024 stitches per round.

1,024 is not a typo.

The nice part is I’ve knit the first patterned round, and I came out even at the end. It’s also a pattern that makes it easy to check if you’ve missed a yarn over on the subsequent plain round. After the first round of patterning I can read my knitting and see if I’m off track somewhere.


The little puckered up hole with the tail hanging off over to the left is actually the center of the shawl. I’ll snug that up before I block it. I think I’ve decided for sure that I’m going to use the grey for the border, to give me a nice rock wall around my Wine Garden.

Speaking of protecting things, we have a pair of cardinals nesting in the back yard. Unfortunately they chose to use a bush instead of a tree. Not a huge surprise, they like fairly dense cover. The bad part is that while Brandi hasn’t figured out they’re there yet, once their babies hatch and start cheeping it will all be over because she’ll have no trouble reaching them.

Enter my awesome husband.


That can come down in less than a month from what we’ve been able to figure out. The eggs hatch in 9-13 days, then the babies actually fledge and leave the nest in about 11 days. It’s so hard to not go poking around in there to see what’s going on, but I don’t want to disturb the birds. Honestly if it were sparrows we probably wouldn’t bother, but we both love seeing the bright red cardinals flitting around in the trees and visiting the feeders. We’ve been seeing more of them the last couple of years, and hope that continues.

I had a really busy fiber day yesterday. I scoured three batches of Margo, and have probably finished over half the fleece already. I haven’t been bagging the locks, so I’m able to do more in each batch. I also processed the second 4 ounce braid of Falkland on the blending board, and made lovely fluffy rolags out of it. I actually go them all spun up, and am ready to ply.


Thinking I’ll knit through the ball game and do the plying tonight. There are a couple of huge thick Rib Eyes in the fridge for dinner, and since my stomach is growling that may come sooner rather than later today.

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  1. Nancy says:

    There definitely are times when fences make good neighbors.
    Yeah Jim!!!
    Hope you’ll be bringing Wine Garden with you in July!?!

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