Everything about PlyAway was spectacular. The classes. The vendors. The organization (at least from what I saw).

And the haul. Oh gods the haul.


You know, that doesn’t look so bad really. Well, except for that little jewel in the upper left.

That is a Hansen miniSpinner.


Isn’t it gorgeous?


I wasn’t even going to look at them, but I saw this one and it was just SO PRETTY.


So I took Jim by to look at it and show how pretty it was, and he went “So why haven’t you bought it?” and whipped out his credit card. How can a girl say no?

I’m really enjoying it. I can sit back in my recliner and spin. Even Mom says it’s cool.

Another neat thing I got? This little sett sample tool.


It lets you weave a little test swatch without using nearly as much yarn as you’d use testing on the actual loom. Which, when you’re weaving with hand spun, is important.

But even with all the good stuff I bought? Check out the goodies from the goody bag!


Technically that dark green over on the right came with the miniSpinner (hereafter known as the mS). But just LOOK at all those wonderful samples! And there are discount codes and yarn and just lots of awesome stuff.

Got coughanothercough fleece. This is Margo, from the Diamond B Sheep Farm.


And Crackhead. And my flip flops holding down a corner of the sheet because it’s really freaking windy out there today.


Margo is 75% Border Leicester, 25% Shetland, and there is some wonderful variety in this fleece. I think a bunch of these are destined to be flicked and spun straight from the lock.


Speaking of spinning, I took along another of my Spin the Bin bits to work on at PlyAway. This is a Spontaneous Spinning Cloud from Loop! in Aleutian Islands.


The next couple of bobbins might just be these beauties that came in today. 🙂


Oh, and the fiber on the mS is one of my STB fibers too, a sparkle braid from Frabjous Fibers that’s been in the stash for a while.

And for the ride up and back I knit on my Wine Garden. Since Penny busted me, you can see it now.


The pattern is Kailyard, in the Vintage 387 colorway of Oak Barn Merino.


I’m still on the Cold Sheep wagon, but it’s getting really really piled with pre-yarn.

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3 Responses to Spectacular!

  1. Nancy says:

    I am ecstatically overwhelmed! Wow!

  2. Jen says:

    The bottom right rainbow color 😮 :0 :0 (that’s me with my mouth open!) 😉

  3. Jenny says:

    You definitely made out in that haul! That yarn is beautiful.

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