Made It Through

Another round of Sock Madness. LOTS of cable crosses on this sock, so my hands are pretty ready for a break.


As you can see there’s a little extra room around the ankle, but since it’s a competition sock I couldn’t do any modifications. Although with this heel I don’t know how I would have done them anyway.


But a cool looking design.


Last Saturday we made a run down to Dallas. Jim had lunch with his daughter and her family, while I shopped DFW Fiber Fest.

I got another fleece. This is George, a first-shear (or hogget) Merino.


I think it’s going to be some absolutely gorgeous fleece once it’s washed up and processed.


There’s enough of it I may try some color blending with the white Mia from last year.

And believe it or not – I didn’t buy any yarn. Not one single yard.

Pre-yarn? That’s a WHOLE other story.


Honestly those Fiber Optic braids at the bottom? Those are the whole reason I went. I absolutely LOVE her stuff, and having the chance to go look and choose was more temptation than I could take. I do find it funny how so much of what I got is bright. Just like the sock yarn I bought the last few times I bought any.

120 days ago. Go me!

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  1. Nancy says:

    George is handsome 😉 Hope you got to hug Denise at DFW. I’m really pleased with her and Chris’ book, too.

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