Back To Feeling Productive

I know it’s been two weeks again, but I at least had good intentions last week. What got me was the second pattern for Sock Madness dropping right after I took pictures last Sunday. Since that’s what stopped me, that’s where I’ll start.

I did get through to the next round, despite working two overnight shifts last week. I have recovered from those now. But the socks – they had a fiddly but ultimately cool beaded, hemmed cast on.


A nice Eye of Partridge heel


And overall they’re neatĀ socks. I haven’t decided yet if I’m keeping them or if I’m going to give them to Mom.


Speaking of giving Mom things, there has been progress on her Sandbank. The little bronze safety pin marks the last time I took a picture.


So what did I take pictures of last week? Fiber/spinning stuff. I got a Craftsy class called Fiber Preparation by Esther Rodgers and got very inspired. I highly recommend the class!

So I started with this fiber


I took one of the braids and split it mostly by color. Then I mixed it all up on a new blending board.


And I pulled off wonderful rolags to spin


A little closer look


Isn’t it gorgeous? And what a complete change from how it started! So I got going with spinning it on Sunday, but had to take a break when the sock pattern dropped. I got back to the spinning today.


Rolags make for a lovely, fast, airy, woolen spin. I was thinking I’d leave the other braid as-is and spin it with my usual comfy short forward draw, but I’m liking how this is coming out so much that I may go ahead and blend it up too. As usual I have no idea what I might make with it, but I’m having a great time spinning it.

I also started a scarf using a pattern from the Spring Knitty. It grabbed me the minute I saw it, and when I went through my stash entries I found the perfect yarn to work with.


That flat horizontal bit at the upper right will be the curving top inner edge. It does require paying some attention, so after I finished the socks yesterday I just worked on Mom’s Sandbank instead of it.

I don’t think the next Sock Madness pattern will drop before next Sunday, but if it does you won’t see me.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Progress is Good šŸ˜‰

    Miss you when you don’t post. Well, miss you guys anyway. Is it July yet?

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