So Much For All Those Productive Weeks

This week I don’t seem to have done much. I finished up the test knit. Since it was a lacy cuff I chose to just do a little short one because I don’t wear lace socks. And since I’m going to rip them anyway, as soon as I finished the heel and gusset I zipped right into the toe.


Brandi had one of her pre-molars extracted this week. She had a slab fracture (no affiliation with the vet, I just googled the topic and his is a good clear explanation), and it’s been bothering her for a little bit. She’s doing fine now.

The only other thing I worked on is (ahem) another Sandbank. This one is for Mom. I wore mine again last week and she said something about it. I got out all the Wollmeise (she only got to look at the auf Dem Roten Teppich). She had picked up a gorgeous grey and another purple/tan blend. But when I brought out the Kornblume WD, it almost didn’t hit the table she snatched it at so fast. I’m calling the project Nucking Futs, because really I must be to knit another one of these.


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2 Responses to So Much For All Those Productive Weeks

  1. Nancy says:

    But it’s for Mom!!!

  2. Jen says:

    You’re the sweetest! 🙂 love you!!

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