It’s Not Sunday Anywhere Is It?

That old saying that it’s 5 o’clock somewhere? Doesn’t really work when it’s Monday evening does it? Oh well. Since I have to go back to work tomorrow, I’m counting today like Sunday and doing a blog post.

Much of last week I spent spinning. Man, that Norwegian does love to spin thin. Here’s proof plied on the bobbin.


That is a Sonata bobbin, the jumbos are big enough to hold a lot of yarn. Here it is on the niddy.


That is (believe it or not) 760 yards of two ply lace weight. Out of a little under 4 ounces of fiber. I’m pretty impressed with myself.

On the stash enhancement front, I got in the next shipment of the Gale’s Art sock blank club. This one is Happy Valentine’s Day and I love it.


Knitting wise, I finished the second Hitchhiker. It’s drying now so I don’t have a totally finished picture. What I do have is a picture of the first one (knit on a 3.0mm needle, and after washing, top) and the second (3.25mm needle, before washing) so you can see the difference.


Just .25mm difference in needle size made a pretty big difference in the finished fabric/size. I love them both, but one will go to Tiffany. I still have some yarn left over, but not a whole lot.

I’ve done a little more knitting on Stacia’s socks and I really like the way they’re looking. I hope they fit her okay.


Yeah, close up phone picture because I forgot to take one with the camera until after I had it hooked up to the laptop.

Today though I put together a couple of things I’ve learned and tried something different. I’ll lead into this by saying every single yarn I’ve ever spun has been plied. I’ve never spun towards a single as my finished product. And while I’ve bought lots of interesting batts, I’ve only spun one or two of them. And I can’t find the finished picture of the one I know I worked on, which means I may need to go poking around in my stash and see if I set it aside for some reason.

I recently got a video from Interweave by Jillian Moreno called 12 (Plus!) Ways to Spin Batts. And the last issue of Ply Magazine is the Singles Issue. I’ve been waiting for this one since I saw the call for submissions a year ago.

So today I started out with this lovely thing. It also happens to be one of the Spin the Bin fibers.


I opened it up and split it roughly in half horizontally. I took those halves and rolled them one at a time around a yardstick. Then I took those long rolls and attenuated them out into a long rope. The top is one rolled, the bottom has been pulled.


Then I took that and a few hours of telling myself “SLOW DOWN” and now I have this lovely bobbin of yarn that I’m not going to ply.


Tune in next week for finished yardage and pretty pictures.

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