Zipping Along

Last week I started a Hitchhiker finally. I’ve been wanting to knit one for years, but had never actually done it. Not only did I start one, I finished it too.


Got the 42 points, and even had yarn left over.


It hasn’t been washed yet and was done using a sock blank, so the stitches look really uneven. But – there’s always a but – my awesome barber admired it yesterday so once I get it washed and dried I’ll give it to her. And knit myself one from the other matching blank I have.

My sister in law told Mom a couple of weeks ago that she’d sure like to have some socks too. Mom told her she just needed to ask, and last week she finally did. So I’ve started a pair for her. It’s my No Diving Allowed pattern, out of BMFA STR Lightweight.


And my sheep are still chilly. Between knitting and donating I’ve got over 9,000 net yards out of my stash so far this year. The goal is 10 miles, or about 17,600 yards. Obviously I won’t donate that much yarn every month, but it’s a good start.

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