Sometimes Sanity Prevails

And sometimes it doesn’t.

The 2015 goal was to finish the year with fewer WIPs than I started with. And (yippee!!) I did that. Barely. I started with 24, and I’m finishing with 21. I realize the year isn’t over yet, but I’m confident I can keep from casting on something else before Friday.

The hat I started last week I ripped, because I didn’t read the instructions close enough. But I started again and finished it Christmas Eve.


I gave it to the mailman yesterday, but he didn’t unwrap it while he was here. Hopefully he likes it.

I also finished the test knit I was working on.


I had mentioned going Cold Sheep next year. Yeah, that’s where the sane part comes in. I realized that’s just a crazy thing for me to even say, so I’ve modified the goal to be More Out Than In, or MOTI2016. My rules are:

  1. Blue Moon Rockin’ Sock Club and Gale’s Art Sock Blank Club don’t count.
  2. Current WIPs count in their entirety against stash totals. Why? Because the yarn for them still shows as being in stash as of now.
  3. Handspun doesn’t add to the total. I’m taking that out of the fiber stash, and there are goals associated with spinning that we’ll get to in a bit.
  4. No exception for fiber events. At some point I have to rein in the crazy.
  5. Additions to the fiber stash don’t count either. After all, it’s not yardage yet.

My starting yardage is 634,336. Let’s see where we land at the end of 2016.

My numbers for 2015 haven’t been that great. I wound up knitting 4.08 miles, weaving only about 1,600 yards, and spinning 3.55 miles. I expect all of those to go up for next year.

About the spinning goals. I’ve pulled my bin for 2016 and I think in this case sanity has gone right out the window. Here it is in the bin.


Doesn’t look that bad, does it?Now here it is exploded.


That’s about 75 ounces of fiber. More than 4.5 pounds. Which is a whole lot of spinning for me. BUT – I picked many of these specifically because of how I want to spin them. And those methods should let me use them up pretty quickly. But since all but one are fibers I want to keep I’m not going to jump in the Use It Or Lose It club this year.

The current WIP that came out to play and that I’m sure I won’t finish before Friday is the Sandbank.


I guess I keep putting it down because it’s so many stitches. I enjoy knitting on it, and I want the finished object. We’ll see if I can stay with it or not this week. I’ve got a couple of things I really want to finish up this year.

That’s another one of those slightly insane things, isn’t it?

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  1. Penny says:

    Lovin that Sandbank and anxious for you to finish it so I can see it on you! It has been on my radar fro sometime, but am leery of committing to that many stitches.

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