A Goal Achieved

The Spin The Bin Challenge for 2015? I finished!


Of course now you get to hear about the last item until you’re sick of it.

I had this much left of the Sheep 2 Shoe.


I pulled off about a staple length at a time, laid two side by side sort of spread out, then rolled them around a piece of PVC pipe to make what spinners call a Fauxlag.


I got a basket full of them out of this last two ounces of fiber.


Then I spun them up long draw. I still need a whole lot of practice with that method, but boy it’s fast. I got about 138 yards out of it.


You can see how inconsistent it is. I’ll get better, it’s just a matter of practice.

I was very pleasantly surprised how quickly the fauxlag making went. I’ve got several braids of fiber in there I think I’ll work up to spin. And now I have to decide what goes in the 2016 bin.

My boys enjoy the sunshine.


And Brandi Boo is very spoiled.


She decided that was a good place to hide from the mean vacuum today.

On the knitting front, I’ve only worked on the Bent scarf. And it’s really coming along.


I kind of wish I’d made the last section a little narrower, but not enough to rip back and change it. If I knit another one (and I can see doing that) I’ll probably make that change.

Happy Sunday!

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