Lots Of Pretties!

Everything was pretty this week.

The Gravity socks that Mom whined me out of. They aren’t washed in this picture, the stitches will even out once that’s done.


I got through the second part of the second section on the Bent scarf. I said there were three repeats in part two, but there are actually four.


While I was working on it today I was thinking it would be better in lighter colors, that you really can’t see the patterning very well. But then when I hit it fairly close up with the flash I decided it would be just fine.


Been spinning some on the Purple Rain Bullseye Bump this week, although not a whole lot.


This is one of the previous spinalong colors. I need to get it done and off the wheel because another SAL starts Tuesday. It’s Black Cherry or Salty Rose or one other color I didn’t buy.


What? I didn’t have these colors yet!

And I finished the Palindrome scarf for Mom.


And another look.


Washing really didn’t help the edges at all, but I’m still happy with how pretty it is.

We kept power through the ice storm this weekend. Our Sweetgum tree lost several big limbs, and we’re debating taking it out completely. We need to have our sewer line replaced and I think that would disturb the roots enough to kill it anyway, but we hate to lose the shade. It will be too cold to do anything for a couple of days, and we really don’t have any deadline to decide anyway.

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