Another One Almost Out

I got all the weaving done on the Palindrome Scarf today.


That (obviously) was before it came off the loom.


The warping is what takes the longest, but the edges are the hardest thing to get right. I did a shitty job this time. If I’d weave more I’d get better at it. I just need more hours in the day. I haven’t twisted the fringes yet, but once I do it will get a nice warm bath which will help a little but not enough.

But since I’m bragging about something else almost being done, I have to admit that I also started something new.


That is a sock blank from Gale’s Art. It’s the first shipment in her club, and I found it absolutely irresistible. I chose the doubles when I signed up, which means there are two strands of sock yarn machine knitted together into the blank. Gale then dyes the stripes and stencils on the pattern. As you can see, to use it you just unravel as you knit. There’s no way to tell what the pattern will look like until you actually start knitting, and I’m having to force myself to put them down sometimes because I want to keep going to see what happens next.

Monday I was a dumbass and jumped on the computer when The Loopy Ewe posted they had Wollmeise Lace.


Top to bottom, there’s Libelle, Suzanne, and Versuchaskaninchen 1. The V1 has been on my dream list for a long time, so I’m thrilled I got it. I hadn’t seen the Libelle before, and I really really like it. One of my other high value targets was there, but I didn’t get it before it sold out. But at TLE prices, three was really enough anyway.

And before the sock blank got here I had been working on my Bent scarf. I’m almost done with the first of 3 passes in the 2nd section.


You can see at the far left how close I am to getting through it. I’m enjoying the knitting, but the sock blank just demands I finish those socks first.

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