Completely Finished

Last week I had plied the Southdown but hadn’t finished it yet. I actually did that, and wound up with 406 yards. Which is actually more than I thought I’d have.


It’s not something I think I’ll be able to wear next to my skin, so I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. Maybe a hat that I line with something else? Dunno.

The next thing I’ve started is the last of my Spin the Bin 2015 Challenge. It’s the BMFA Sheep 2 Shoe kit in Storm Large. I actually think they put an exclamation point after the color name, but I’m not.


I’m doing six ounces of it with worsted to be chain plied for socks, then I’m going to do a little reprocessing with the last two ounces just to play.

Knitting wise I finished up the test knit and have mailed the socks off to Mom.



Simple pattern, and a nice soothing knit. They’re absolutely more suited to a more solid yarn than what I used. It’s a nice tonal, but there’s enough variation in the color saturation that the pattern pretty much disappears.

I dragged the sock yarn blanket back out to work on. Garter stitch is appealing right now. I’m not interested in going into why.


And finally the one-off bag for the 10th Anniversary of the Rockin Sock Club came last week. It’s a really, really well made bag by Queen Bee Creations.


Specially printed fabric, really nice construction, heavy weight, lined with sturdy fabric.


Plus the ubiquitous tape measure and one of the little tool boxes both printed with the RSC logo. There were actually people bitching on the Rav boards about the extras for the cost, and about the club in general. Some people need to learn a little more about hand crafted stuff. I’m not talking cheap church sale shit, but quality crafted goods. There’s NOTHING to complain about with this.

Happy Sunday.

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  1. Nancy says:

    A satisfying week in the fiber department.

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