Executive Decisions

We’ve been making them like crazy around here. But first I want to celebrate a few judicial decisions this week – first the one upholding the ACA. I agree it’s not a perfect law by any stretch, but it has helped millions of people get health insurance who couldn’t before. Since I can’t see the US ever implementing single payer, it’s probably as close as we’re going to get to providing health care to everyone. I believe that’s a basic right, especially in a country as rich as the US. Next happy decision is the one upholding the Fair Housing Act. After SCOTUS gutted the voting rights act a couple of years ago I figured they only took this case to do the same to Housing protections, so it was a happy surprise.

And of course the huge one, we finally have marriage equality. About damn time. To quote Rachel Maddow, “The thing about rights is you’re not supposed to vote on them.” ┬áBesides, nobody has ever actually been able to tell me how two other people getting married has ANY impact on my marriage at all. Because GOD as a reason is beyond worthless.

So – on to the Executive ones. Last week we got new carpet in the front room and in both bedrooms. Actually got the exact same thing we put in the living room last year. It looks really good and we’re very pleased with it.


Sorry about the blur.

As you can see the front room is our exercise/fiber room. Behind me when taking the picture is a south facing bay window. You’ve seen it before, it’s where the boy’s cat tree lives. Anyway, because we had to tear up three rooms for the carpet, we took the opportunity to go on a major decluttering tear. I know it doesn’t really look like I’ve removed anything with my fiber stash in the picture, but two batches of stuff have already gone to Goodwill or Habitat or wherever Jim has been taking it. There’s more to go. It’s been cluttery stuff this time, although there was a little bit of clothes out of the spare bedroom closet. I’m still going through a couple of shelves and I need to go through the bags in the yarn room, but it’s almost finished and the rooms look so much more open. It’s pretty awesome.

Next decision deals with Tour de Sock. I have an overflowing sock drawer. I can go a month between handknit sock laundering and not run out. So I don’t feel a pressing need to make new socks. Nor do I have a snowball’s chance in hell of knitting a pair faster than the majority of knitters in Finland. So while I’m going to keep registering every year to support the cause and get the patterns, I’m done with trying to knit them. I’m still not finished with the ones that released last Sunday, even though I like them.


The next pair releases on Wednesday and they’re beaded. I have a meeting and probably dinner with my friend and financial guy that night. I’m still working on the house. Mom comes in the next Tuesday, and I leave for Camp the day after that. So stage four just isn’t happening for me. I’m pretty sure stage five will release while I’m gone to camp. So why am I killing myself and not knitting what I want to? Good question. The answer is I’m not any more. I’ll probably finish these this week just to clear them, but I’m still debating whether to finish the second stage (see last week’s post) or reclaim the yarn for something else. Right now I’m leaning towards the latter.

Plus Tour de Fleece starts on July 4, and I’m serious about spinning every single day of the Tour (except the two official rest days and the one day I’m traveling) for at least 15 minutes. There are four wheels living in my house now and while Jim is not one to complain about my hobbies he has mentioned once or twice how I have four and can only spin on one at a time. I figure him seeing me spinning on four different wheels in a week will be a good thing. Oh, and using the spindles too. I haven’t decided yet what sort of project is going on them.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Those blue socks are really pretty.
    You’ve been really busy!!
    More importantly, am so anxious so see you.

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