That’s One Way To Start

Storm season that is. There hadn’t even been a severe thunderstorm warning in Oklahoma since May 31 of last year, which is really unusual. So to make up for it last Wednesday we had a tornado about 1/2 a mile from here. And they didn’t issue the warning until it was well past us. We were standing looking out the window that direction when it was going on, but all we could see was “Well, the wind’s blowing really hard and look at that sideways rain.” We had no damage and my brother just lost a couple of fence panels and his power was out for a day or two. He was out of town so he didn’t care once he knew he had a house. We did get out and check on it that night. Didn’t realize how bad it was until we drove right through the damage path.

So I had no knitting time Wednesday between working late and all that excitement. Then Thursday I worked late and then had yoga, so no fiber work. Friday I worked until 10 pm, so no fiber work then either. But for two after work evenings and Saturday and most of Sunday I’ve actually got quite a bit done.

I’ve been spending some quality time with Mia. I’ve tried several washing methods with varying results. These are a few locks from the last batch, and I’m pretty happy with how they came out.


Those dirty tips are still vexing me, and I’m not positive how I’m going to deal with them all the way through the fleece. This is what happens if I don’t open them up a little before scouring.


I can just cut or tear that little bit off, and honestly I may wind up doing that. I’ve given every batch I’ve done two scouring soaks (scouring is the step using really hot – like 160f hot – and a special type of detergent to get the lanolin out of the wool) and three rinses. I think I may try just one scour with the next batch. It should keep it a little less dry and fly-away.

These are samples of two different methods to get the fleece in a final ready to spin state.


It’s not that yellow, I was noodling with the white balance on the camera. It’s actually the pretty almost white from the pictures above. Hopefully before the next post I’ll have a chance to spin those up and see if either prep is the one I want to keep working with.

Knitting wise I’ve worked on the Ashworth. I finally got into the second of the three hanks of yarn for it.


Also spent more time on the Sandbank. Like the Ashworth, it’s lace weight yarn on small needles.


I do occasionally crave some instant gratification, so this morning I cast on an Extinction out of some worsted weight yarn I got last weekend at DFW. It’s 200 stitches per row, but it just flies off the needles. I’ve made it through the first of three colors.


I like the rhythm of the linen stitch in the transition zone. The little minis of buffalo/silk blend I got last weekend


are destined to become a linen stitch cowl so the Extinction is good practice. But I really need to clear some other things off the needles first.

No post next weekend.

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  1. Nancy says:

    That was more than enough March excitement.

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