A Very Good Reason

I have a good reason for being late with the post this week.


That’s the beautiful guest of honor yesterday at a baby shower I helped with. The little one should arrive on or about April 5.

I’m not terribly happy with this but gave it to her anyway. At worst she can wipe the baby’s bum with it, right?


It’s not THAT bad, it’s just shorter than I wanted and the fixes for a couple of skips are more visible than I’d like. Interestingly enough (to me at least) is that the white bit of patterning wasn’t planned. I still suck at getting even tension when I warp, so I got this kind of cool effect from it.


I have been doing a lot of spinning still. I finished off the Fiber Optic braid. I am ASTONISHED. I got over 595 yards of chain ply from four ounces of fiber. Which means my single was 1,785 yards long. One single string. And I never did break it while I was plying.


There’s way more orange and yellow in it than I realized though, so I’ll probably give it away. But I am quite proud of it.


Knitting wise I worked a little more on the sock test knit, but I hit a problem and had to stop. The designer was out of pocket for a few days and just got back with the fix today. I’m not sure I’m up for working on it tonight though, maybe tomorrow. But I also worked on the Ashworth Scarf. Once again the marker on the edge shows where it was last time I took a picture.


And I did start my next spin. It’s an alpaca/Merino/silk/camel blend from Spotted Circus. I got two braids at SSK, and I’ve started one of them on the Reeves. I’m spinning it from the fold, and it’s pretty slow going. However I’m happy with it.


And finally, I had this last week but didn’t get it posted. It’s my new Trindle. This one is made from the 3,000 year old oak that was found in a bog. It almost feels like plastic. It’s beautiful and with these arms it spins like a dream. I’m really really happy I got it.


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