It All Ties Together In The End

On Friday I finally went and got allergy tested again to get back on my shots. I’ve had a year’s break since my Doctor’s office got demolished in last year’s tornado, and I finally asked them to refer me to the Oklahoma Allergy Clinic instead of continuing to wait for them to rebuild. First they did the referral to some other doctor instead of the clinic I asked for, and when I called for an appointment they said they don’t even do the testing any more.

Anyway, while I was waiting – and there’s lots of waiting during allergy testing between scratches and needle sticks – I knit a little on the second of the test socks.


I also read on the last of the All Souls Trilogy. It came out mid July and I’ve been on the waiting list for a month or so. I wanted to get through it so the next person in the hold queue can have it. I finished it a little while ago, and also popped over to the library to pick up the second book of the Outlander series. I read it years ago but want to read all of them so I started at the beginning a few weeks ago.

I knit on the Devil’s Lake this week. I’m in the next to last color section. Luckily the short rows get shorter (don’t laugh, sometimes they get longer) which helps keep you going on it. The overall row length is up over 500 stitches now, and the few full rows of main color between the contrasts seem to take forever.


Yes, both boys wanted to help with picture taking. And since there are cats there must be dog too.


There was a bit of stash acquisition this week. This was a trade for the Pure in the Sultan colorway I got a few weeks ago. Once I had the Sultan in hand I decided there was too much orange to it so I put it up for trade. I also sold a couple of colors I’m not too crazy about, and am thinking about putting a couple of others up for sale. Anyway, the trade was for this gorgeous Emil in LaceGarn.


On the spinning front I worked on the camel/Merino/silk for a couple of hours one evening this week. I’ve really been focusing on reading and while I can knit on the Devil’s Lake while I read, I can’t spin.

Now, cast your mind back about a year to when I was working on my Stranded Surprise jacket. Remember how the wool actually triggers my allergies for some reason? It’s strange because the only other yarns that do that are some of the cottons that release little fuzzies during knitting, but are fine once I’ve finished and washed them. With the allergy triggering in mind, I present you with the fact that one of the things that happens before allergy testing is you can’t have antihistamines for a week ahead of time. You know what that means, right?

I’ve been DYING to work on the Stranded Surprise all week. So Friday when I got home I dug it out of the yarn room and went to work. Well, before I could go to work I needed to figure out where I had left off. I knew something didn’t feel right about how my increases were looking. So I read and re-read the pattern and looked at the chart and figured out that I had read it slightly wrong before. So I ripped all of the color work I had done and started it over. I was almost this far along before I pulled the stuff out.


I’m much happier with my increases now. And the pattern seems easier than it did before too for some reason. Yes, I’m taking antihistamines and I can still feel the effects, but I don’t care. I’m enjoying working on it. In fact, that’s what I’m going to do as soon as I post this and we eat.

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