Speaking Of Cats

I imitated one today.


I couldn’t resist that sunny patch so I sat there and spun for a while. As soon as the sun left, so did I. Worked more on the Cloudlover fiber.


I wound off the plied Bitter Lime to Rose gradient as promised, gave it a bath, and it’s now waiting for me to start designing the super secret project it’s destined to become.


1,240 yards of slippery shiny goodness. Lace weight, obviously.


I really haven’t done much knitting this week. I’ve got a major urge to do some top down mittens out of hand spun that I’ll probably start next week. I did a few more rounds on the Giant V, but it doesn’t look any different. About the only thing to really show right now is a new test knit, which I can’t say much about except it’s using some yarn from stash.


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2 Responses to Speaking Of Cats

  1. BJH says:

    That is BEAUTIFUL yarn! I can’t wait to see what wonderful thing you create with it.

  2. Nancy says:

    Most beautiful laceweight. Imitating a cat can be good for body, soul and fiber pursuits!

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