That Oh Crap Feeling

C’mon, admit it. You’ve had it. I know I have. This last week more than once.

The first time really didn’t surprise me, in fact I was kind of expecting it. I was working on Part 4 of Better Together, and ran out of color A about 2/3 of the way through.


I’ll take it back to where I left off with the blue and wait for the last part next Friday. I suspect it will just be continued shaping with the slipped stitch in blue. No big deal, I’ll just have a slightly wider blue section at the top of mine. But I will wait to see how it ends so I don’t wind up ripping twice.

This one isn’t really an Oh Crap, it’s just a little disappointing. I finished plying the Fiber Optic gradient in Bitter Lime to Rose. I like how it came out.


But spun one braid considerably thinner than the other so had lots of yardage left from it. I actually pulled about 6 bunches out of different places because I wanted to keep the two colors pretty much together.


Ouch, that picture sucks.

I have no idea how many yards I have because I haven’t wound it off yet. I might do that tonight, or I might just do some knitting on one of these never ending projects.

Speaking of spinning I started another project there too. It’s a super wash Merino/Merino/Silk blend from Cloudlover. It was the May 2012 club shipment called Lugano.


And speaking of fiber clubs, this is the Knitty and Color I got a few weeks ago from Tri Dye. It’s 80 Merino/20 Silk and feels really wonderful.


These are the test socks I finished a few weeks ago. I don’t post pictures of them until the pattern releases to the rest of the group.


My other Oh Crap was realizing how long it’s going to take to finish the Meridien sweater. I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me that knitting an entire sweater from fingering weight yarn would take for freaking ever, but there it is.


That’s how far I am with the “skirt” section of the sweater. It’s at about 18 inches. It needs to get to 44.5. THEN I’ll get to do the sleeves. Sigh.

The last shipment of this year’s BMFA Rockin Sock Club arrived over Thanksgiving weekend. The colors this year have been really great, and this one is no exception. It’s called Winter Jewel and I love it.


And this is the week’s progress on the Giant V. The orange marker is where it was last time I showed it. I’ve decided to start marking things post to post so I can see that I really am making progress.



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  1. Penny says:

    You are further along on your Meridien than I am. Mine still has not even seen the swatch of day. But, I keep thinking about it!

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