Happy Cat

I have a happy black cat curled up by my legs. Poor baby was left with nobody to worship him except Thomas from Thursday until this afternoon when we got home. Well, Joyce our awesome pet sitter came in once a day, but he still thinks he’s been pretty mistreated the last few days. We had a nice trip over to Bella Vista to see our friends Beverly and Bill. Other than some asshole in a big truck (compensating I figure) who decided he was coming over into our turn lane and we could either slam on the brakes or hit him it was nice and uneventful. That’s how we like it.

So I took the Kromski and did some spinning. Worked on the super wash BFL/nylon blend from Gale’s Art.


That’s most of the first half of the braid. I’m going to n-ply it for sock yarn.

I think I’ll probably switch back to the Joy for trips over. It’s easier to set up/take down, and the whole wheel fits the lower chairs over there better. Plus it has little rubbery feet instead of felt pads. Here it doesn’t matter because I spin on carpet. Over there the public area is sealed brick and it slides around. Not to mention when the weather is warmer I sit outside.

Riding-in-the-car knitting was on the Giant V. The space from the first marker to the second is what I got done on the way over, and the second marker to the needle was on the way home.


I like brainless knits for car rides. We also had a random drawing among those of us doing the KAL who answered a question about the construction of the thing. Good thing it was random, because my answer was pretty typically smart-assed. But I actually won the random drawing, and got a free pattern for doing so. I chose the Ashworth Scarf, which I plan to knit from the Prism polwarth I spun a few weeks ago. I think the pattern will show off the color shifts in the fractal very nicely.

The third part of the Better Together KAL is finished too.


Those weird little cluster stitches just serve as a base for the start of the blue slip stitch line.


Yeah, it’s blurry. I moved. Sue me.

And finally I knit a bit on the Meridien. I had only been working on brainless things for a while because I had so little energy even paying attention to a pattern was beyond me. I don’t know if it’s the iron supplement I started taking (don’t really think so, I haven’t been on it long enough) or what but I’m feeling better so was ready to start working on something a little more challenging. Only got a little over one repeat done, but it’s nice to have it back out again.


And a little closer look. Although you still can’t see the pattern well.


Also on the spinning front I’m down to the last few inches of the Bitter Lime to Rose braid, but I forgot to take a picture of it. I also forgot to take one of the Knitty and Color roving that was the second part of the Tri Dye club. Hopefully next week I’ll finally remember all these things. But don’t hold your breath.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Miss you! XOXOXO!!

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