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Zipping Along

Last week I started a Hitchhiker finally. I’ve been wanting to knit one for years, but had never actually done it. Not only did I start one, I finished it too. Got the 42 points, and even had yarn left … Continue reading

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Sometimes Sanity Prevails

And sometimes it doesn’t. The 2015 goal was to finish the year with fewer WIPs than I started with. And (yippee!!) I did that. Barely. I started with 24, and I’m finishing with 21. I realize the year isn’t over … Continue reading

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Too Cool

The way this Bent scarf came out is just awesome. Unfortunately I did have to break into the second hank of yarn. For this much: From where the marker is to the end of those vertical stripes. Since I needed … Continue reading

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Completely Finished

Last week I had plied the Southdown but hadn’t finished it yet. I actually did that, and wound up with 406 yards. Which is actually more than I thought I’d have. It’s not something I think I’ll be able to … Continue reading

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A Very Good Reason

I have a good reason for being late with the post this week. That’s the beautiful guest of honor yesterday at a baby shower I helped with. The little one should arrive on or about April 5. I’m not terribly … Continue reading

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