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Enjoying The Scenery

That’s what I’m doing with Tour this year. I can’t possibly compete against people who don’t have jobs, so I’m trying to just enjoy the knitting going by and not get too worked up about it. That’s not to say … Continue reading

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Hooray For Staying Warm!

We’ve managed to keep power on here and at work, so I haven’t had to get out in the icy cold ick. I didn’t sleep very well Friday night waiting for the alerts to start rolling in, but made up … Continue reading

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The Never Ending Single

Until today I hadn’t spun all week. I decided to bring the Fiber Optic back out, and spun through three and a half Sons of Anarchy episodes. I haven’t quite finished the second braid, but as soon as I post … Continue reading

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Holiday Weekend? What?

Not for me this time. They’re doing power work on campus this weekend, so I’ve been out there three times in the last two days. But they’re done with the part that might affect the data center so I should … Continue reading

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Calmer Weather

Well here I am sitting on the back porch enjoying a nice day that’s starting to shade towards hot. I’ve had more than enough of the not so nice ones, thanks a bunch. Crackhead showing off what he found. So … Continue reading

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