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Important Things First

Nutella Mug Cake. 4 ingredients, 3 minutes to assemble and cook. Seriously. Do it. Now that we’ve covered what’s important, lets get on with the normal stuff. Finished the Black Cherry Loop! bumps. There’s about 610 yards of puffy soft … Continue reading

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They’re Done Except The Blocking

Go me! I’m always fascinated by how stripes change on identical stitch counts. I guess Mom gets these since they’re a little short for me. But hold the phone – when I said “They” I didn’t just mean the socks. … Continue reading

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A Little Bit Of This

There’s been a whole bunch of little bits this week, but no great bigs. Last week after I finished the shawl I didn’t knit on anything the rest of the day. In fact, I didn’t knit the next morning either. … Continue reading

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What To Do, What To Do?

What to do when you start spinning some fiber and it just feels like you’re fighting it? You stop fighting and spin something else. I love spinning these Loop batts. The prep is so wonderful, it’s like they spin themselves. … Continue reading


Finally Back

Actually we’ve been back for a week, but I’m just now back to the blog. We went on a lovely Caribbean cruise that left March 9 and returned March 16. No, we did not cruise with Carnival. We did go … Continue reading