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There’s Only One Thing To Say

The knitting is DONE! Blocking next week. That’s a king sized bed for scale.


Life Is Busy

So I’ve been remiss in posting. Last week I had training in Missouri, and next week I’m in Kansas City working all week. Home the week after, then going to Camp. I guess being busy keeps me out of trouble, … Continue reading

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Made It Through

Another round of Sock Madness. LOTS of cable crosses on this sock, so my hands are pretty ready for a break. As you can see there’s a little extra room around the ankle, but since it’s a competition sock I … Continue reading

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Back To Feeling Productive

I know it’s been two weeks again, but I at least had good intentions last week. What got me was the second pattern for Sock Madness dropping right after I took pictures last Sunday. Since that’s what stopped me, that’s … Continue reading

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Pathetic But Not Really

Considering it’s been two weeks since I posted, what I have to show is kind of pathetic. Except it really isn’t, since I’ve finished a pair of socks and been reading A LOT. Plus working some overtime and keeping up … Continue reading

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