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Cleaning Up

When we bought the generator and got the house wired last spring, we didn’t expect to need it in the middle of August. But need it we did last Thursday. We were under a little microburst that knocked out power … Continue reading


Life Is Busy

So I’ve been remiss in posting. Last week I had training in Missouri, and next week I’m in Kansas City working all week. Home the week after, then going to Camp. I guess being busy keeps me out of trouble, … Continue reading

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Dang I Did All That?

Wow it looks like I’ve been really busy this week. I finished the Falkland and it’s really pretty. And once it was washed up. The color in the top picture is far more accurate. My nephew graduated from high school … Continue reading

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A Big Old Pi

I’ve made it through the final increase for my Kailyard, aka Wine Garden. That means I’m knitting 1,024 stitches per round. 1,024┬áis not a typo. The nice part is I’ve knit the first patterned round, and I came out even … Continue reading

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It’s Not Boring To Me

My only showing one spinning project might seem boring to you, but it’s certainly not to me. I finished all the singles of the Aleutian Islands. And then I plied them. And then I washed and snapped and thumped on … Continue reading

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