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I Didn’t Mean To Be Gone So Long

Kept thinking “I’ll do a blog post today” and then getting distracted. Today I’m finally doing it. First off, we had a fabulous vacation. I put pictures up on IG (as lpahdoco) and on FB if you’d like to see … Continue reading

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It’s Actually Working

I’ve finished two of the Gimmiemas presents, except for washing/blocking/whatever you want to call it. They’re both about seven feet long. I’m really pleased with how the selvedge (I’ve seen it on dictionary sites as selvedge and selvage – I’m … Continue reading

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Two Finished

I went to the dentist last week (6 month checkup, everything was good thankyouverymuch) and took along my Happy New Year socks to work on while I waited. When I pulled my shoe off in the waiting room to see … Continue reading

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Lots Of Pretties!

Everything was pretty this week. The Gravity socks that Mom whined me out of. They aren’t washed in this picture, the stitches will even out once that’s done. I got through the second part of the second section on the … Continue reading

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Another One Almost Out

I got all the weaving done on the Palindrome Scarf today. That (obviously) was before it came off the loom. The warping is what takes the longest, but the edges are the hardest thing to get right. I did a … Continue reading

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