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It’s Actually Working

I’ve finished two of the Gimmiemas presents, except for washing/blocking/whatever you want to call it. They’re both about seven feet long. I’m really pleased with how the selvedge (I’ve seen it on dictionary sites as selvedge and selvage – I’m … Continue reading

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A Big Old Pi

I’ve made it through the final increase for my Kailyard, aka Wine Garden. That means I’m knitting 1,024 stitches per round. 1,024┬áis not a typo. The nice part is I’ve knit the first patterned round, and I came out even … Continue reading

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They’re Done Except The Blocking

Go me! I’m always fascinated by how stripes change on identical stitch counts. I guess Mom gets these since they’re a little short for me. But hold the phone – when I said “They” I didn’t just mean the socks. … Continue reading

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Sometimes Sanity Prevails

And sometimes it doesn’t. The 2015 goal was to finish the year with fewer WIPs than I started with. And (yippee!!) I did that. Barely. I started with 24, and I’m finishing with 21. I realize the year isn’t over … Continue reading

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No Looking It Up

Define applause in your own words. Next week I’ll tell you why. Although it’s nothing earth shattering, it’s just a knitting thing.

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