Lots Of Pretties!

Everything was pretty this week.

The Gravity socks that Mom whined me out of. They aren’t washed in this picture, the stitches will even out once that’s done.


I got through the second part of the second section on the Bent scarf. I said there were three repeats in part two, but there are actually four.


While I was working on it today I was thinking it would be better in lighter colors, that you really can’t see the patterning very well. But then when I hit it fairly close up with the flash I decided it would be just fine.


Been spinning some on the Purple Rain Bullseye Bump this week, although not a whole lot.


This is one of the previous spinalong colors. I need to get it done and off the wheel because another SAL starts Tuesday. It’s Black Cherry or Salty Rose or one other color I didn’t buy.


What? I didn’t have these colors yet!

And I finished the Palindrome scarf for Mom.


And another look.


Washing really didn’t help the edges at all, but I’m still happy with how pretty it is.

We kept power through the ice storm this weekend. Our Sweetgum tree lost several big limbs, and we’re debating taking it out completely. We need to have our sewer line replaced and I think that would disturb the roots enough to kill it anyway, but we hate to lose the shade. It will be too cold to do anything for a couple of days, and we really don’t have any deadline to decide anyway.

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Another One Almost Out

I got all the weaving done on the Palindrome Scarf today.


That (obviously) was before it came off the loom.


The warping is what takes the longest, but the edges are the hardest thing to get right. I did a shitty job this time. If I’d weave more I’d get better at it. I just need more hours in the day. I haven’t twisted the fringes yet, but once I do it will get a nice warm bath which will help a little but not enough.

But since I’m bragging about something else almost being done, I have to admit that I also started something new.


That is a sock blank from Gale’s Art. It’s the first shipment in her club, and I found it absolutely irresistible. I chose the doubles when I signed up, which means there are two strands of sock yarn machine knitted together into the blank. Gale then dyes the stripes and stencils on the pattern. As you can see, to use it you just unravel as you knit. There’s no way to tell what the pattern will look like until you actually start knitting, and I’m having to force myself to put them down sometimes because I want to keep going to see what happens next.

Monday I was a dumbass and jumped on the computer when The Loopy Ewe posted they had Wollmeise Lace.


Top to bottom, there’s Libelle, Suzanne, and Versuchaskaninchen 1. The V1 has been on my dream list for a long time, so I’m thrilled I got it. I hadn’t seen the Libelle before, and I really really like it. One of my other high value targets was there, but I didn’t get it before it sold out. But at TLE prices, three was really enough anyway.

And before the sock blank got here I had been working on my Bent scarf. I’m almost done with the first of 3 passes in the 2nd section.


You can see at the far left how close I am to getting through it. I’m enjoying the knitting, but the sock blank just demands I finish those socks first.

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Congratulate My Husband!

During our trip to Bella Vista he shot the best round of golf he’s ever shot – even par. I’m really proud of him!

It was a nice trip. The Inn wasn’t busy so we got to spend time with our friends, which was awesome. I’m not sure how but I never did take a nap. I’m sort of regretting that now.

Finished the Applause scarf. This first picture is pre-block, and you can see how much more I added on after last week’s picture.


It’s very long, well over 7 feet. Which is fine with me. Here’s a look at a section blocked. It’s still drying right now.


I’m really glad I alternated the balls of yarn, because one wound up reading much darker than the other. But with switching every two rows it looks really good. The yarn (Ella Rae Lace Merino) felt good while I was knitting, but it’s really nice and soft now that I’ve given it a good soak.

I got the plying done on the Sheep to Shoe.


I’m pretty impressed with one part of it – I got the exact same yardage for both skeins. Which might not sound like a big deal, but considering I eyeballed where I split the braid, then I spun the singles over the course of about 3 months, and then I chain plied it, I’m pretty impressed with myself.


It still has a some sproing to it even after soaking, which is also good for me since I plan to make socks with it. What’s nice is each hank is 408 yards, so I can get two pair out of it. 816 yards of chain plied yarn out of 6 ounces makes me pretty happy too.

I started spinning a Loop Bullseye Bump, but I forgot to take a picture of it. But it’s pretty, turquoise and purple.

The other project I finished was Tam 13. This one is pre-blocking, so the stitches aren’t very even. But this picture shows the hearts and the birds.


And this one is the top. I block it over a plate, which is why it looks like this.


I haven’t woven any more on the scarf this week, but here’s what it looks like so far.


Not sure what I’m going to work on next. I’ve got the urge to start something new out of hand spun, but I really want to get some things finished.

Oh! My friend Denise let me borrow her drum carder! I haven’t had time to play with it yet, but I’m really looking forward to it. I’m planning to rework some braids I have that don’t appeal as much as they did when I bought them. It was really nice of her to let me borrow it, because those things are crazy expensive.

Happy Sunday!


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Good Progress

I finished the test socks. I probably shouldn’t show a picture, but here’s one that doesn’t show all of them.


I’ve made really good progress on the Applause scarf. Remember the marker is where the last picture was taken.


And this is a close up of one of the dropped sections.


It’s actually moving along pretty quickly. It’s brainless knitting, which is a good thing for me.

Oh! Last weekend I did a thing. A thing I never thought I’d do. I ran in an actual sanctioned 5k. I’ve been working toward that goal for months. Was going to do one in August, but my left knee decided it didn’t like everything I was doing and that pushed me back. I was going to be happy with 41-42 minutes, as long as I ran it all without having to drop back to a walk. I actually did it in 38:05, which was a 12:15/mile pace. I’m really proud of myself, and my goal for the next one is 35 minutes. I have absolutely no idea when the next one will be.

I finished the singles for the BMFA sock kit.


We’re going over to Bella Vista next week, so I’ll do the plying there. Mom is going to take care of the kids and the house for us. No big reason, other than we haven’t been over there in far too long. I plan on taking too much knitting and too much spinning and just having a grand time.

I’ve been wanting to weave something, and finally got started on it this weekend. I’ve been wanting to do a faux Ikat scarf. You need a palindrome style skein of yarn like this one.


See how it has pivot points and the colors line up across the whole skein? That lets you warp it up like this.


Pooling the color like this means you don’t have much flexibility with how long the warp will be, although you can stop weaving whenever you want to. I’ll probably weave the whole length, just because. This one is for Mom. I took all my appropriately dyed skeins of BMFA and spread them out on the table and let her pick. The Wollmeise is also dyed this way, but I’m not sure I want to use it for one of these yet. Although I am using WM Lace for the weft.

We got it all warped up (Mom is glad I’ve got the patience, she doesn’t), and this is just as I was ready to start weaving.


Yes, that’s toilet paper. When you tie the warp on to the front beam you do it in sections like you see at the bottom. The TP spreads the threads out and gets them even so you can start weaving and have it look decent.

I’ve actually got a foot or so done, but I didn’t take a picture. I’m planning on doing a twisted fringe on it.

So have a good week! I should have lots of progress to show next week.

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It finally feels like fall outside. Today I made soup and we had it with hot crusty baguettes. Yummy!

I had the Snowburst Cowl that MG designed for retreat done last week but totally forgot to take pictures. I fixed that today.


The pattern called for five rows of the little Snowbursts, but I added four repeats to each round so I only did four rows of them. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to wear it or not because of the mohair, but it sure is pretty. Here’s a closeup of the motif it’s named for.


I was a little worried Thomas was broken earlier, but he seems to be okay.


Most of my knitting this week has been on the test sock, which I can’t show you. I can say it goes quickly. I think Mom is going to get them, just because I really don’t need any more socks. I’m about 1/2 inch from starting the toe shaping on the first one.

I’ve finally done some spinning. I’m on the last third of the second bobbin singles. After that will be some serious chain plying.


And I did some more work on the Applause Scarf. It’s nice simple knitting, perfect for after work. As usual the marker shows where the last picture was taken.


I’m not sure exactly how long I’m going to make it. I might go until I run out of yarn. Or not.

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