It Was Only One Bag

Yesterday we went to the only fiber festival I know of in Oklahoma, the Fiber Christmas in July. It was a nice easy 90 minute car ride, and I was pretty well behaved. I only got one bag of stuff.


What? It’s just one bag.

I knit a couple of rows on the Lintilla while we were waiting on breakfast. I also worked on it some during travel to Camp and when I couldn’t concentrate well enough on the cabled sock to work on it during that trip.


You’re supposed to start on the edging when you’ve got about 25% of your yarn left, which would be about 37-38 grams. I’ve still got 97. Which seems insane because I’ve got about 20 pattern repeats and most people say they’re getting about 22 out of a hank of Wollmeise. I’ll re-weigh it later, maybe I was too tired to read right last night when I checked.

Been working on a test knit for Six Sox this week. Obviously you don’t get to see it, but it’s also a Wollmeise project.


On the spinning front, I finished the purple and blue Romney that’s been on my spindle for a while.


As planned I plied it on the wheel. I soaked it once this week and was a little disappointed in how it feels. I was hoping it would be softer because I got quite a bit in a different color with the intention of spinning for a sweater. I know I need to sample some and treat it differently (vinegar rinses, hair conditioner, etc) to see if I can soften it up some. I was hoping to knit this batch up into some mittens and a hat, but I’m not sure I could stand it against the skin on the inside of my wrist. I’m kind of a special snowflake that way sometimes.

I did finish the knitting on the camp hat, and blocked it over a coffee can. Well, a coffee plastic but I’m not that picky.


It’s a little tall but I can live with that. The doubled unspun yarn plus the stranding makes it a nice warm thing to wear.


Also on the spinning front, I finished the Wicked and Wicked with Sparkle! Got 1,150+ yards of chain plied goodness. This would be an ideal yarn for the pattern Penny used with the hand spun I gave her, but we’ll see what I wind up knitting with it. This picture is pre-soak.


I’ve done some more work on the Devil’s Lake. I absolutely LOVE knitting with this Foothills Fingering, and am having to hold myself back from starting something new out of it. Believe it or not I’m a little bothered by how much I have OTN right now so want to finish some things.


So what was in my itty bitty bag when I got home yesterday? Almost exclusively batts this time. These are from Diamond B Sheep Farm. I have a little bit of roving in my stash from them, and also spun some lovely little hand carded nests of fiber from one of their rams that I keep holding off knitting because I love petting it so much.


These are from Dawning Dreams. I also have a couple of other batts from her in my stash.


And – of course – I had to hit the Lost City Knits booth. The Foothills is for a stranded sweater. I have ideas, but that’s all they are at this point. I don’t plan on using a full pattern from anyone, rather do my own design. Using EPS of course.


That lovely bit of purple goodness on the left is some Oak Barn Merino in a new colorway – Berry Jumble. Denise has strict instructions to let me know as soon as she has a chance to do up some Foothills in it because I MUST. HAVE. IT.

Because really – I don’t have anything else to knit or spin.


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A Few More Details

So I went to Camp, and it turns out I really, really needed it. I’ve still got a terribly short fuse, but feel better than I did before I went.

Finished the fifth stage of Tour de Sock on the plane coming home.


They’ve got a shaped arch and feel nice on my foot. The sixth stage is a double knit sock, and I’m just not up for that much work on something I won’t be able to wear except around the house. So I’m done touring for the year, but will be cheering for any of my teamies who will be finishing it.

The tease picture from earlier in the week


was what Penny knit with the hand spun yarn I gave her last year at camp. She had been admiring it the whole time I was spinning, so I just handed it over after show and tell. I think her pattern selection is perfect, and I may even steal her idea. I do know she really inspired me to try to knit more of my hand spun yarn.

Speaking of camp and spinning, I did take along my spindle and the purple and blue fiber. Worked on it some, and only have a little bit to go before I’m ready to ply it. But I also got a new spindle. It’s very light, only 1.1 ounces. Made by a guy fairly close to Marshfield and I think sold in his and his wife’s yarn shop. It spins FOREVER. I did some reading and that’s because there’s more weight around the outside of the whorl. Heavier weighted closer to the shaft gets a faster spin. I wasn’t going to buy it, but Beth grabbed it and was playing with it and made me try it out. Dammit.


The boyz are very happy I’m home. Crackhead was my shadow for the first few days, but both of them have been sticking pretty close.


Loopy Ewe had a Wollmeise update on Thursday, and I (of course) couldn’t resist. A couple are twin and a couple are pure and I love them all. The darkest one will probably be socks for Jim. It looks like man colors.


I started the camp hat again this year, and I’ll finish it in the next few days. It’s a double strand of the unspun Icelandic, so it should be nice and warm.


Hats seem to be my thing this year. There’s a newish book of tams from Mary Rowe, and I couldn’t resist yarn for four of them. And a kit from Kimmet Croft for one of the hats out of the Poems Of Color book, which I’ve had forever but never knit out of. Yes, five hats. Six counting the one I’ve already started. Shut up.


The post today is so late because I really wanted to get the baby blanket done for my niece. She’s been on bed rest for a few weeks and the little one could arrive any time. I know the current weather means she won’t need it for warmth, but it might be good for laying the baby on.


Proof I was at camp (besides the yarn, which of course I didn’t show you all of), and part of the reason I’m feeling better.


Of course there were far more friends than just Denise there, and as always it was wonderful to spend time with them. It doesn’t seem like four days a year could be such an important part of life, but they are.

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Just Teasing


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Bored Yet?

Because I’m kind of surprised I’m not. At least with my Nuvem.


I’m about 40 grams from starting the edging.

Tour de Fleece started yesterday. I hadn’t spun all week because of Tour de Sock (yeah, I know) but I did get the wheel out and do more work on the Wicked. I’m just a color or two from finishing the singles.


The June shipment of the Blue Moon Rockin’ Fiber Club arrived Thursday. It was supposed to be 100% yak, but the supplier couldn’t come through. What we got instead is 50% yak, 50% cultivated silk. 8 ounces of it. And it is glorious.


The color is Metalocalypse, which is fitting. It looks almost metallic. It also feels really slippery, but Tina’s notes that came with it said that while it felt like it would be, the actual spinning wasn’t so bad. I’m kind of thinking I’d like to try to make a fluffier yarn out of it. My default is lace-ish, and that’s nice but I’d kind of like to make this sport/DK-ish and make a sublime feeling scarf or something out of it.

For Tour de Sock, I finished the fourth stage yesterday morning. I expected to finish them Friday night, but it’s impossible to knit with a terrified dog climbing all over you. Since I had about 2 hours of that before bed time, they didn’t get done. Thankfully the fireworks didn’t give the poor dog a heart attack. The guy in the cul-de-sac behind us doesn’t give a fuck that he lives in a neighborhood in a city where fireworks are illegal, and he sets off a bunch of those huge booming things every year.

So anyway, the pattern is Dazzle Them From Behind, and my version is Cherry Dazzle. I really like the sock, but I kind of wonder how that little cable down the middle of the heel flap will hold up to wear. We’ll see.


Yes, that’s a Brandi hair hanging off the bottom part of the right sock. Her guard hairs are quite wiry and when they grab something they tend to hang on.

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The View Isn’t Changing

You know the saying about all but the lead sled dog and all the other dog’s view, right? Well that’s me with the Tour this year. So far I’ve finished every stage but so far back there’s nothing but butts ahead of me for miles. Oh well.

Sock three is called Roll the Bones and I really like it. I do need to look into my stranded technique though, because they took me a ridiculously long time to knit.


The purple is from Sweet Georgia and I really like it. I may have to try more of her stuff. The white (cream really) is something that was in my stash partially used. I think it might be Cascade Heritage. Either way, they’re nice socks and fit well.

Since I didn’t finish them until Friday evening I haven’t knit much on other things. There have been a few more Nuvem rounds when we went to eat and such. I’ve done a little more on the Devil’s Lake. I’m still terribly enamoured of this Foothills Fingering from Lost City Knits.


Finally got the wheel back out today. I’ve decided I’m close enough to half way through the Bullseye Bumps to go ahead and start on a second bobbin. The only difference between the two bumps is one has sparkle and the other doesn’t. I’m just holding them together, and when the colors start getting away from each other I drop one until the other catches up. No clue what I’ll knit with it, but then again I think I’ve only spun with a knitting project in mind one time.


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