Completely Finished

Last week I had plied the Southdown but hadn’t finished it yet. I actually did that, and wound up with 406 yards. Which is actually more than I thought I’d have.


It’s not something I think I’ll be able to wear next to my skin, so I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. Maybe a hat that I line with something else? Dunno.

The next thing I’ve started is the last of my Spin the Bin 2015 Challenge. It’s the BMFA Sheep 2 Shoe kit in Storm Large. I actually think they put an exclamation point after the color name, but I’m not.


I’m doing six ounces of it with worsted to be chain plied for socks, then I’m going to do a little reprocessing with the last two ounces just to play.

Knitting wise I finished up the test knit and have mailed the socks off to Mom.



Simple pattern, and a nice soothing knit. They’re absolutely more suited to a more solid yarn than what I used. It’s a nice tonal, but there’s enough variation in the color saturation that the pattern pretty much disappears.

I dragged the sock yarn blanket back out to work on. Garter stitch is appealing right now. I’m not interested in going into why.


And finally the one-off bag for the 10th Anniversary of the Rockin Sock Club came last week. It’s a really, really well made bag by Queen Bee Creations.


Specially printed fabric, really nice construction, heavy weight, lined with sturdy fabric.


Plus the ubiquitous tape measure and one of the little tool boxes both printed with the RSC logo. There were actually people bitching on the Rav boards about the extras for the cost, and about the club in general. Some people need to learn a little more about hand crafted stuff. I’m not talking cheap church sale shit, but quality crafted goods. There’s NOTHING to complain about with this.

Happy Sunday.

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The Best Part Isn’t Even Fiber

The best part of the last two weeks isn’t fiber related, and didn’t happen until about 2:00 this morning. But it was very, very good.

We live trapped a possum that has been living next door long enough to make a good night’s sleep a distant memory around here. Why? Because my dog is a serious hunter and the little fucker would get up on top of the fence – where Brandi can’t get because she used to go over the fence so we dog proofed it – and just look at her. She of course went nuts and wanted to go out then come back in multiple times a night. It will take a few days for the scent to fade away so she’ll relax again, but it will get better.

The possum was relocated out into the country. Quite honestly I would have been happy to shoot it, but since we live in town we couldn’t do that.

On the fiber side, I’ve finished the first sock of a test knit and am most of the way through the second. They’re destined for Mom so they’re short, but I do like them. Of course I can’t show details since they’re not released yet, but here’s what I have.


I finished the singles and the plying of the Southdown. Here it is on the kate waiting to be plied.


This type of Lazy Kate is called a bug style, I guess because it looks like little legs sticking out from the body. I got it with the Norwegian wheel, and I like it best of the three I have. I don’t think my jumbo Kromski bobbins will fit on it though.

I haven’t wound off the yarn yet, and honestly I have no idea how much yardage I have. It’s kind of “rustic” looking right now, although the finishing will help some.


It’s lovely springy woolen spun stuff from a carded prep, and it was lots of fun to spin. I’m going to play with doing some additional processing on some of the top I have so I can use this method a little more. I won’t completely abandon worsted spinning because I love lace weight yarn so much, and because I have several braids I want to make into sock yarn. But I’m also really enjoying the long draw process.

Happy Sunday, and happy knitting!

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That Was Better

Last time I plied yarn it was terribly awkward. It just felt like I struggled with it like crazy. Not so much this time. I filled all three of the bobbins for the Norwegian with the southdown, see below.


Rather than wind them off onto storage bobbins I just chose to go ahead and ply a couple of them.

Plying went like it was supposed to, nice and smooth. I did break one of the singles (which wasn’t unexpected) and even that join was really simple.


I’m not going to wind it off until I get the rest of it plied. I really hope it softens up when I wash it, but if it doesn’t I’ll just knit a big hat and line it with something softer.

The July RSC shipment came in last week, and it’s right up my alley.


Jim finished the hall bathroom this week, and it looks amazing. Unfortunately I don’t have a before picture to show you how big a change it is. Just trust me, it’s awesome.


I started working on the latest Six Sox test knit this week, and it’s going very well. Which is no big surprise considering who the designer is. Of course I can’t show a picture since it’s a test. But here’s a picture of the Sandbank, which I was knitting on before I got the test pattern.


It’s still got a loooong way to go, but it’s simple to knit and feels good while I’m working on it.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Feeling Slower

It feels like I’ve slowed down quite a bit this week. And maybe I have, I’m pretty sure I didn’t knit or spin two or three evenings this week. But I did finish the Ashworth finally!


It’s about 7 1/2 feet long, and bloomed and softened beautifully when I soaked it. Which I expected since it’s 50% silk and 50% cashmere.

Jim has tackled the hall bathroom, and it now looks like this:


There was bottom half wallpaper and a top border which he’s taken off. He’s done the hole patching, put the sealer where the wallpaper was, and put the texture on where needed. One more round of sealer, then the paint and the new fixtures. We’ll get new towels and a shower curtain too, but won’t pick those colors until the rest is done. I’m hoping I don’t decide I want a new counter top in there once everything is done, but we’ll see. We’ve put new tops everywhere except this bathroom since we moved in 16(!) years ago.

I’ve been doing a little spindle spinning, especially when I’m cooking. That doesn’t change much look-wise, so no picture. I think this third Trindle will get me through the first of the red braids, and I’ll wind them all off onto a storage bobbin – joining as I go – then spin up the second braid. I plan to ply them on one of the wheels.

Speaking of wheels, I did a little more on the Southdown this morning.


I’ve finally decided how I want to tackle the last of the stuff in my Spin the Bin, which is an 8.5 ounce Sheep 2 Shoe from BMFA. I took a quarter of it off to play with making fauxlogs, then split the remainder in half. I stripped those down in thirds, and will spin them straight through and chain ply to get somewhat stripey sock yarn. Once I started splitting it the fiber really opened up and felt more airy, which is nice because it felt a little compacted in the bag.

Knitting wise I’ve pulled the Sandbank out to work on next. Still got a really long way to go on it, but I love knitting the Wollmeise Lace yarn. My brain is going 900 miles an hour on new stuff I want to work on, but I know I need to finish up some of what I’ve got going. Well, relatively need – just for my own satisfaction. Thankfully there are no knitting police who count how many projects we have on our needles.

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End and Christmas

Tour de Fleece is over for 2015, and I actually met my goal! Even though it was only to spin for 15 minutes every single day, it’s the first time I’ve actually done it. Most days I spun between 45 minutes and 6 hours, but a couple of times it was only about 20 minutes. I got this done on the Trindles.


I FINALLY finished the Spotted Circus yarn. Got 1,170 yards of heavy lace/light fingering and holy shit it’s drapey and soft.


And because I had been spinning super fine short forward draw for so long, yesterday I broke out the Babydoll Southdown and spun long draw for about 90 minutes.


I used the Reeves Norwegian for the first time and holy shit she spins like an absolute dream.

Friday went up to Kellyville for Fiber Christmas in July. I think I was remarkably restrained, even though Jim doesn’t think so. I got one fleece, a gorgeous mostly black Shetland/Border Leicester cross. I wanted a Gotland cross too, but someone else got him first. Maybe next year I’ll be able to snag the one I wanted.

Got this interesting braid of Montadale. It’s considered a meat breed, but it looked interesting and was only $15. Even if I can’t stand it, who cares. It’s experience with another breed.


Got these four gorgeous shades of Jacob. It’s much softer than the other Jacob I’ve felt. I’ve got a couple of ideas on what I want to do, and with 4 ounces of each color I should be able to play as much as I want.


I think I’m almost done with the Ashworth Scarf. I’ve done 20 cable crosses, and I think I’m going to stop after 21. Or maybe 23. I almost always prefer an odd number of repeats, and the idea of using a prime number pleases me for some reason.

Until next week. :)

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