More Spindling Than Dropping

So I’ve been playing with the drop spindle more this week. I’ve discovered the perfect time to spin with it is while I’m cooking. I know that sounds strange, but think about it. Once you get things working with a meal, there’s lots of just waiting for a couple/few minutes between stirs, or temperature adjustments, or whatever next step you might have with the meal. So being able to just pick up the spindle and do a few lengths of yarn, then set it down and go back to cooking is perfect. I’m really pleased with how well it’s going.


I haven’t decided yet exactly how I’m going to prep it for plying. I’m probably either going to wind them off around empty TP rolls and splice them as I put them on, or roll them into balls doing the same splicing thing. I figure I will ply them with the wheel, just because it will be easier. Whichever I decide, I’m really having fun with it. The black cat has been trying to figure out how to help, but luckily he hasn’t actually stuck his paw in yet. I figure it’s only a matter of time.

I did spin a bit on the Thorny Rose, but not enough to show a picture. I’ll probably work on it this afternoon.

Knitting wise, I’ve worked on the Ostrich Plumes scarf this week. It may wind up being grafted into a cowl, because I kind of winged the design and it’s looking like I’ll run out of yarn before it’s as long as I want it to be. We’ll see. It would have been nice to have it done by tomorrow, since it’s going to get cold again. But whatever, I’ll have it for next year. The marker is where I left off after the last picture. It’s now been moved up to the row currently on the needle. I find having a visual of how much progress I’ve made helps me stay interested in a project.


Knit In was last night and I had a lovely time as always. OMG there were some ginormous strawberries on the table, and they were so amazingly sweet and delicious. I had to hold myself back from just sticking my face in the bowl and nomming. I was good and didn’t buy any yarn. Especially good since this big bit of awesomeness showed up at the house on Friday.


Plus I have two more laces on their way. So really – I’ve got to stop with this. I have a major problem. I guess there are worse things to be addicted to. BUT! I have finally started the edging on the NordNordwest. It’s slow going because you knit 30 stitches for each one of the live stitches worked, but it’s moving pretty well.


A little closer look.


I want to clear this and the OP scarf from the needles. I’ve got a major itch to knit some socks out of the Twin in my stash, but I’ve got two on their way right now so want to hold off until they arrive before deciding. Plus my number of WIPs is creeping up and I’d like to keep that under control too.


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This week has been very much multicraftual. I’ve been incorporating feedback from the test knitters on the new sock pattern, and got them through the wash and pictures taken yesterday so I can start on the final page layout for the pattern.

Started with the spindling a little bit. I’ve got lots of practice coming up, but that’s what it takes to gain proficiency. I am really enjoying working with the Romney (there’s something anyone who knows my politics is shocked to read!) and am looking forward to spinning on the big batch of it for a sweater. But for now – here’s how it looks so far.


Yesterday I noticed something cute, so you get to see some Cracker toebeans.


Yes, the rest of him was tucked up under the comforter. Right now he’s on the back of the couch behind my head. If I were to bring the wheel back over in front of me he’d be right back in my lap, because apparently my trying to spin is the equivalent of calling for him to come get in my lap. Good thing he’s cute.

Not to be outdone, Thomas decided there needed to be a photobomb since Crackhead was going to make the blog this week.


So we’ve covered spindle spinning. The picture I was trying to take when Thomas got helpful was this one.


That’s a finished Paper Lanterns scarf/shawl. Looks like a scarf to me.


It was the first kit from the Rockin’ Sock Club this year. And holy crap I need to wash the comforter. Brandi likes to roll around on the bed and while she doesn’t smell like dirty dog she obviously is one.

So that’s two crafts. Third for the week was wheel spinning. This is 80% Superwash Merino/20% nylon from Western Sky Knits in the colorway Thorny Rose. I picked it up last weekend at DFW. It’s destined to (hopefully) become a 4-ply cabled, self-striping sock yarn. This is the first quarter.


You can see from the picture there’s red and grey in there, they’re just not showing up on the outside of the bobbin. You can also see the fancy “project bag”. That’s what my spinning projects tend to store in – plastic bags. I do that because if I use my cute little fabric project bags, the cotton fabric grabs the unspun fiber and shreds it. I don’t like that. So yesterday I tested out whether or not I remember how to sew and did this.


That’s a satin lined bag, about 16×18. It was really simple to make following the directions in this blog post. I have to admit I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to detail, so the grain is a little off on the other side of the bag and the lining. I also didn’t get a very high quality satin since I wasn’t sure I’d even remember how to use the machine. Next time I will. I also might sew a grosgrain ribbon on the outside of the bag for the drawstring, because I’m not sure how well this one will hold up.

This bag is pretty good sized, but I wanted it big enough to hold 4 ounces of fiber and a bobbin or two. Like this.


After a potentially disastrous attempt by Crackhead to jump from the couch onto the leaf of the sewing machine cabinet, Jim and I were talking about the machine itself. We were looking to see if being tipped over and crashing to the floor did any damage to the cabinet or machine (other than popping out a couple of screws and knocking off a corner reinforcement, it didn’t) and realized the thing is about 40 years old. Mom sewed lots of my clothes on it when I was just starting school. I still remember a couple of the outfits she made.

Also on the knitting front this week was more time on the Nordnordwest. While it doesn’t look like it, I’ve made quite a bit of progress.


I’m having to pay pretty close attention to make sure I don’t lose any stitches on the shawl while knitting it. With a 40″ needle and a 47″ needle. Which we all know should fit just fine on a 24″, right? Maybe I’m just not squishing them enough.

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Husband Wins With Booty Haul

He really did win. This time anyway.

I always try to think of good names for the blog posts. Every once in a while I do good with something funny, but those occasions are few and far between. Last night after we had unpacked the suitcases and were winding down a little before trying to go to sleep, the following took place.

Me: I think I’ll call the blog post about the show Booty Call. I think it’s really appropriate.
Him (without missing a beat): Nope. Booty Haul.

Yeah, he wins.

On the knitting front, I finished the socks and am waiting for them to go out to the test knitters. Did some more work on the NordNordWest and it’s up to the last repeat before starting the border. Those rounds are getting REALLY long, but they’re almost straight stockinette so easy knitting.

From here on out? It’s all about the enhancement baby. All about it.



Can you read the basket? Here, let me make it easier.


Fabulous play on the “Keep Calm and _____” meme. When I saw it I stopped dead in my tracks, started laughing, and asked them how they knew I was coming. BTW, it’s from Sew Secret.

Got a couple of coffee cups. The expression on the left sheep’s face just killed me.


Oh, this stuff is all sitting on the carpet in the living room. The nice new carpet.


Thursday before we left – wait, I think I left something out. Last weekend we went to Irving, Texas for the DFW Fiber Fest. I had a FABULOUS time. Took a knitting design course that was okay. It wasn’t really what I expected and there were some technical difficulties that slowed us down. It was interesting and I’ll probably use what I learned, it just wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. Got to spend some time with Denise and Chris which always makes me happy. Had dinner with Jim’s sister one night, and he had lunch with her yesterday too while I was in class.

I had three spinning classes with Abby Franquenmont, and they were wonderful. One of the things I came out of class with was this.


That yarn is WAY outside my comfort zone, but it was fun to spin it. I learned some new stuff that was facepalm worthy from the “Why the hell didn’t I think of that” angle.

So back to the good stuff.

Yarn wise I got all this.


Bottom center is a door prize I won. Yes, I actually won something! Amazing. Also in the yarn department is the Wollmeise LaceGarn that came in Thursday before we left. It’s the WD of Fliederbusch, and I love it. The photo isn’t exact, but I give up trying to take a purple picture unless it’s outside and so far away you can barely tell it’s purple.


I think I’ve mentioned it before, but when I started spinning I skipped right over spindles and went for a wheel. Now that I know how to make yarn, and have watched others, I’ve been thinking maybe I should give it another chance. I also figured out I was trying to learn on a spindle that was too heavy. This weekend I decided I needed to try again for sure and I got a lovely new spindle.


It comes with 3 shafts so you can just swap one out when it gets full and keep right on spinning. I got two of a couple of different fibers and think I’ll pick one of them and spin one braid on the wheel and one on the spindle and see how it goes.

The biggie (no surprise really) was the fiber grab. Before we see the show haul though, I did get a shipment in while we were gone. It’s four Loop! batts for this quarter’s SAL. I don’t know that I’ll get either one done, but we’ll see.


The top two are Black Light and the Black Light Coordinate. I plan to spin them straight and ply them together. The bottom two are Wicked, one with sparkle and one without. I’ll probably go with the same plan for them.

And finally, the fiber.


Those three big ones at the back are from the Ozark Carding Mill. They’ve decided it’s time to retire, so I went ahead and splurged. All three are Romney, and there are two pounds of the one at the back. You can’t really tell from the picture, but it’s got lots of colors in it and I think it will spin a really rich dark grey with lots of depth. My goal is a sweater’s worth. I’ve got enough to sample different spins with it before deciding. Of course we know how long it takes me to get around to anything.

So that’s enough I think. Happy whatever. I’ve got some cataloguing and putting away to do.

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So That’s It Then

I’m absolutely positive. Other than I have no cane to shake, as of yesterday I am officially an old lady. Not of the Sons Of Anarchy kind either.

Gourmet Yarn is my LYS. There’s a shop in Norman that’s technically closer, but GYC is it. I’d have to go to Tulsa or Dallas if I wanted to shop anywhere else. But I “needed” a new needle yesterday and we were in Norman running errands anyway, so I stopped in the shop there. Spotted the circular needles right away, and answered them when they asked what I wanted. The lady went to help someone else and left me with the little boy who was working. I let him know I wanted lace tips because the normal ones are too dull. I asked for a 47″, but 40″ was the longest they had. Okay, I can live with that. Then he asks what I’m using it for and I told him a shawl. He informs me a 24″ should work just fine. No thanks I say, I want the longer one. He then informs me the knitting can be squished together and the 24″ is really all I needed.

I started to bat my eyes and say “Really? You can squish stitches together? I SO didn’t know that” in that tone of voice.

“I’ve only been knitting for more than 25 years, I want the 40″ is what actually came out of my mouth.

So yeah. First the phrase “little boy” ran through my head (seriously, I’m pretty sure he’s high school age). Then with the utterance of the dreaded “I’ve been doing x for y years” I cemented it. I almost laughed out loud at myself when I realized what I’d said, but I held it in until I got back out to the car and told Jim about it.

I should have stuck with GYC.

So now that you’re (hopefully) done laughing at me, here’s the actual knitting stuff.

I “needed” another needle because I “needed” to start another project. It’s the Walk On The Moon from Arlene’s World of Lace. I seem to have gotten past my fear of mucking up my Wollmeise LaceGarn, because I now have two projects OTN using it. I’m through row 53 of 168, and about 155 stitches per row of the 680+ that will be there by the end.


It’s living in a cute little bag from Woot that I got a couple of weeks ago and forgot to take a picture of.


I’ve done a few more rows on the NordNordwest. And I still can’t get a good picture of this color. No matter what I’ve tried yet, I haven’t been able not overexpose the picture.


And while we’re on the Wollmeise topic, I also got my Poison Nr 5 last week. It’s Pure, which is 100% super wash Merino. I’ve seen some of the green lace grab bags from the update I ordered mine, and I’m really hoping I got something different. We’ll see when it gets here, right now it’s (pause while I go check status) holy shit it looks like it hit Customs on the 21st and left on the 22nd. That’s scary. Of course the other one I ordered at the same time still shows it’s pending shipment. They might have wound up in the same box, or maybe it hasn’t been updated. Either way, that’s something to look forward to. Oh, and here’s the Poison Nr 5.


My little Crackhead is a complete goofball. Here he was celebrating being back home last week.


Back home? Yes, he and Thomas boarded for a day and overnight last Thursday. This was happening in the house and they needed to be out of the way.


It’s the same tile we put in the yarn room a year or so ago. I got the grout sealed this morning and I’m really happy with it. Tomorrow the living room carpet gets replaced but the boys just have to be put in their room for that.

Been doing a lot of work on the sock design this week. I’m almost done with the unusual part of the second sock, and have been making tweaks to the pattern while knitting it. No pictures again.

I did finish the first half of the spinning, and have started on my little bag of poofs. Here’s the completed bobbin.


So that’s it. Hopefully they’re going to start on the repairs to our generator cabling this week, and I’m really crossing my fingers they finish it before the end of the day Thursday. I’m out Friday, and there may not be a post next week. If there is it will be Monday.

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It Only Looks Bad

You know how sometimes things look bad that are really good? Today’s post is a prime example. There’s only pictures of a little progress on one project. See?


This is the baby blanket I’ve started for my niece. It’s worsted weight, Encore Colorspun. I haven’t decided which will be the right side yet.


Of course the only real difference will be which side I weave the ends.

What I’ve spent the vast majority of knitting time on this week – and can’t show you until it releases – is a Six Sox design. I’m hoping to be able to send it off to the group coordinator today. So it only looks like I’ve been lazy with the knitting this week. I’ve actually been pretty busy.

There was a wee bit of stash enhancement on Friday but it has to come from Germany before you can see it. There’s another shipment from there that’s been sitting in customs since the 12th. I figure I’ve got plenty to keep me busy while waiting. It’s probably a good thing I had an 11 hour day at work yesterday to help pay for this new little obsession I’ve come up with. And bless his heart, my Husbeast did the house cleaning and laundry yesterday so I don’t have to worry about getting it done today.

Happy Sunday!

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