It Worked!

My cat trap worked perfectly.


They are so unable to resist the bait of a cardboard box. I don’t think it had been in place 3 minutes, and he didn’t see me put it there.

The first sock from last week is finished.


The weaving on the wrap is done, and I’ve started twisting the fringe.


What a pain in the ass! The twisting isn’t that bad, although I am planning to get a fringe twister. It’s tying the knot at the end that’s awful. I’m experimenting with methods, but ugh.

I forgot to mention last week that my frogging spree continued with the Hey Girl sweater. I had barely started it and hadn’t touched it in months. I wasn’t feeling the love, so the yarn went back to stash.

And since one project went out, another had to come in. It’s a Hypernova scarf for Rene at work. I was thinking I’d try to have it ready for her by Thursday because she’s going to be out for 4 weeks with arm surgery, but I realized there’s no way. So I’ll get her address and mail it to her.


I figure I’ll finish the knitting on our trip. No post next week, and a late one the week after. We’re celebrating our 20th anniversary next week and decided to give ourselves a birthday/anniversary/Christmas/birthday/New Year trip. I hope we enjoy it as much as we think we will. Mom is coming to stay with the animals, and will stay over until after Christmas.

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Maybe I Should Meditate

Because when it comes to knitting (and everything else) do I ever have Monkey Mind!

I have started on my Cocksure Celtic, and it is beautiful.


If it doesn’t look like it’s as far along as you might expect, you’re right. I can get through about 4-5 rows, then my attention wanders. I haven’t figured out why, because the pattern is engaging and pretty easy to remember. The yarn is fabulous going through my fingers. I just find myself sitting there holding the pretty after a couple of rounds. So I put it down and do something else. Read, knit something plain, whatever. I guess it’s not a race, but I have to admit I’m a little surprised by it.

Some time ago I heard about a sock technique called the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. Funny name, she explains it in the pattern. I bought it quite a while ago but hadn’t tried it out yet. Since I needed something totally brainless to work on Thursday in the car and I want to knit more of my Wollmeise, I decided to do a plain sock and use the heel. It’s coming along swimmingly (ha!).


I’ve turned the heel and started down the foot. I’ve gone far enough to tell it will work for me as written, but I think the next pair I’ll add just a bit of depth to the heel cup. That’s my biggest complaint about short row heels, they bind across the hinge on top of my ankle.


And since I really am totally incapable of sticking with anything, I also started working on my weaving project again. I need to order a fringe twister for the ends, and since I need some other stuff for some no-way-in-hell-they’ll-be-done-by-gimmemas presents anyway I figure now’s as good a time as any. I have started on the last shuttle of yarn. I hope it comes out as long as I planned, because I may be packing in my weft a little tighter than I thought I would be.


Had a lovely dinner with one of my friends on Friday after work. I won’t see her at this month’s Knit In because we’re going on our 20th anniversary trip the day after and Mom comes in on Saturday.


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This Week’s Obsession

It is week’s, right? The obsession belonging to the week, so use the apostrophe to denote possession. Whatever, it’s staying.

I’ve been absolutely obsessed with knitting this week. Specifically with knitting a sweater from some Foothills Fingering. I pored through my stitch dictionaries and chart books, and finally found a pattern I thought would work well in two colors. Started swatching it and realized it was too big. Went back to the books and found the right one.


Above the solid turquoise line is the pattern I’m going to use. Below the line is the one that didn’t work. I did try another color, but there wasn’t enough contrast between it and the gray to show up well.

I have started the sweater, but it’s not far enough along to really see anything yet. Next week I’ll hopefully have pictures.


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Crackhead wasn’t in any of of his usual spots this afternoon. Since it looks like


outside, I figured he was somewhere tucked up warm. Took me a few minutes, but I found him.


We flip the comforter back on the bed when the dog is roaming around the house because she likes to dig at things to make her “beds” more comfy. As you can see, there is some embroidery on the comforter and we don’t care for it to get damaged. The silly cat decided to take advantage of the warm spot.

The snow is still falling, heavier than it was when I took that picture. The ground is way too warm for the roads to be a problem tomorrow, especially since this is supposed to wrap up in a couple more hours.

No post last weekend because we went to Bella Vista. Stopped in Tulsa at the Garden Deva studio party, mostly to have a chance to hug Denise. I did get a cute little bracelet made from an old fork, but I’m too lazy to get up and go get it for a picture. We got over to the Inn late Saturday afternoon. Jim played golf Sunday and Monday, and we came home on Tuesday.

Sunday afternoon we went to Crystal Bridges and did the Architecture Tour. It was pretty interesting, but unfortunately didn’t include the infrastructure (power and HVAC). I asked, and since all that is located at the same level as the vaults they don’t let people in. I had another good long look at Rosie the Riveter, which is my favorite piece in the permanent exhibit. Right now there’s an exhibit up called “State of the Art”. Two of the pieces really caught my eye. One is this


It’s mostly crochet, and looks to be pretty much all cheap acrylic stuff. It extends out to the right too. The one that really grabbed me was this.


To see what was so interesting about it, go view the video on Flickr. I may try to figure out why the video I uploaded won’t play. Or I might not. :)

I have no idea why it grabbed me, but who cares. The whole point of art is it engages you.

I took 5 projects along, but wound up only knitting on one. I didn’t finish it until after we got home, but it’s done. My second Color Affection.


I’m not terribly sure how I feel about it, but it’s finished. I also finished my mittens. Even wore them last week.

I finished the singles of the Laura Loves Unwind BFL/Silk mix and have started plying. That’s all still in the bag after coming home from Bella Vista, so no picture.

I’ve started the weaving on the Wollmeise/hand spun wrap.


Hopefully once it’s off the loom I can give you a better look at the color. Right now it’s (obviously) just a big purplish blob to the camera.

I swear I’ve ripped more than I’ve knit lately. I put the Ostrich Plumes down for a few days, and when I picked it back up I didn’t take a peek at the pattern to remind myself how it went. I remembered how the lace rows were done, I just totally spaced on the plain knit rows between them. So I got to rip it and start over. Again. I thought about blowing it off, but I really like how the pattern and yarn go together so I went ahead.


My brain is working hard on patterning for my next stranded project. It will be made with two of these three


The gray and one of the other colors, but I won’t know which one until I swatch. I’ve also had double knitting and mobius strips on the brain, and finally last night I decided to combine the two. I grabbed some yarn that’s been in stash for a while and started playing. Once again, I’ve ripped the whole damn thing multiple times but I am happy with where it’s going now. I think.


Something else I did today? I pulled all the markers and holders out of the Russian Prime and threw it in the washer to felt. It’s drying now and once I cut it up it will make a couple of wonderful hot pads.

It was too small, I was out of yarn, and it just finally came time to deal with it. So I did.

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Because It Got Cold-ish?

For whatever reason, last week I decided I needed to knit some mittens. I decided I didn’t want to strand them, I just wanted some nice plain mittens. I thought about my stash and remembered some Bugga I bought a few years ago. I was thinking it would be just right, and when I got home and pulled it out of storage I was absolutely right.

Knitter that I am, I thought “Who needs a pattern?” and set about knitting. I started off doing a wedge sock toe for the top, and worked my way down past joining the thumb. In fact, I got this far:


And then I figured out why most mittens don’t have a sock top. Despite all my thinking about how to place the thumb, no matter what I did the top of the mitten twisted. Would anyone but me notice? No. Does that matter to my ridiculously perfectionist (at least about my knitting) self? Of course not.

I ripped everything but the thumb and started over with a round or star or whatever you want to call it toe for the top. These work much better.


Except, of course, I made the body of the mitten about 5 rows too long. That mistake I can live with. As you can see the other mitten is almost done. I add the thumb on the next round.

We spent half of today running errands. Once we finally got finished and I put the roast in the oven (HOLY SHIT IT WAS YUMMY!) I started working on the weaving project I’ve been thinking about all week. I’m going to use some of my hand spun for the weft, and some of my Wollmeise Lace-Garn for the warp. I’m up to tying on to the front now.


That yarn is just knotted off like that in case something happens while I’m moving the loom from the front room to the living room. If I do something stupid I won’t lose the entire thing.

Probably no post next week. Everything is good, just have a busy weekend planned.

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