I have no idea what to call this post. None.

The weaving is done on the place mats. This is the end weaving between numbers five and six, so they’re almost done. I won’t use this method of finishing forĀ much anything else because it’s very slow going, but I like how the finished product looks based on my swatch.


While the Cards were still playing ball I worked on the sock yarn blanket. It grows very slowly now because the rows are so long, but that’s okay. I’ve started adding “logs” of 10 ridges on the long sides and 14 on the short to make it more rectangular. It’s good it was simple knitting, since my baseball season is over. For this year. I realized after I flung it out on the floor it was upside down, but I didn’t bother turning it over. Garter stitch being what it is, it doesn’t really matter which side you look at other than the little bits of yarn ends sticking out where I’ve woven them back through the pickup rows.


Last Monday I wound up spinning all afternoon. I got through 4 ounces of singles.


I’ve got 4 ounces to go, and I’m still thinking a little on how I’m going to proceed. My original plan was to chain ply, but I wound up with longer runs of the dark purple than I thought I would. I think they would overwhelm whatever I knit with it, so I’ve scrapped that plan. I think I’m just going to split the second braid into much skinnier bits while I’m spinning the singles so the color streaks will be shorter. Then I’ll ply it with the first bobbin full. I will have some places where the purples ply together, but they should stay fairly short.

Once my baseball team was out, when I wasn’t working on the place mats I knit on the Wool Peddler’s Shawl. I’m into the lace at the bottom, and it’s going really fast.


I’ve been thinking about a pretty little shawl that’s been languishing in a bag for years, and I think it may come out of hibernation soon to finish. I know it’s a very simple lace pattern, but when I started the shawl I wasn’t very good at reading my knitting and seeing where a lace pattern was going. Now that I’m more comfortable and competent, I think I should be able to knock it out fairly quickly. We’ll see.

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And I Get To Do It Again Tomorrow

There are lots of advantages to being a Federal employee, and this week (7 day period, not Sunday-Saturday) I’m taking advantage of two of them. The first is (was?) the free flu shot. Although I wound up with a big red raised whelp where I got my shot this time. It didn’t hurt, but it did itch. Took a couple of days to go away. I need to be sure to ask them next year if I should be worried. And remember to ask before they actually give me the shot.

The second? One of those holidays that most people don’t get. Columbus Day. I’m off tomorrow, and I’m going to spend it crafting, just like I did Friday afternoon around my nap, yesterday, and today.

The nice part about these long weekends is it seems like I get a ton done.

I was looking through Ravelry patterns the other day, sorted by “Hot Right Now”. Normally I filter for knitting only, but for whatever reason I didn’t that time. And I’m really glad. I found a pattern called the “Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf” and I fell in love with it. I got the crocheting done Friday afternoon. It really was that simple. I used some hand spun I’ve had in my stash for a while and only needed a button to finish it off. I got the button yesterday at Knit In, and have a lovely FO from hand spun yarn.


Holy Huge Picture Batman! Yes, the trailing yarn ends are deliberate. It’s “Artful”, remember? The tie and button are purely decorative. I thought the abalone button was appropriate since the color of the yarn is abalone.

A looooong time ago I posted a picture of Murphy in her little bed. Crackhead now loves to use it, and I caught the little booger in it today.


I’ve gotten a little knitting done on the Wool Peddler’s Shawl, although it’s not that easy to see since it’s just a bigger triangle now.


Since garter seems to be the way to go when watching playoff baseball, I’ve also been working on the Color Affection. It went to Knit In with me last night too.


The September Rockin Sock Club shipment came in Monday-ish, and it’s a fall colorway I actually seem to like. It’s called Acorny.


On the weaving front, I’ve got all the ends woven in on the first three placemats. I finished warping the loom today for the second half.


I also did something to make the whole warping experience a little bit easier. If you start at the bottom of the picture, the first round rod is called the cloth beam. It’s what the woven cloth winds around. The one at the top is the warp beam. Right above the cloth beam is just a structural piece of the loom, then the small round dowel is called an apron rod. The apron rod is what you actually attach the warp to.

The Kromski Harp comes with a long cord you run through holes in the cloth beam and another for the warp beam. You run the apron rod through as many of the loops as you need to in order to attach it to the cloth/warp beam. The problem is if you’re not very very careful you can wind up with the apron rod crooked. I’ve exaggerated for effect below.


Some searching through the weaving groups on Ravelry introduced me to some awesome stuff called Texsolv cord.


As you can see, it’s nylon cord with holes woven evenly along the length. As long as you keep the same number of holes between the beam and the apron rod, you get perfect even spacing between the two with no effort.


I love the internet.

Oh – I also finished a pair of socks I’ve had OTN since July. I showed them last week in progress. They’re the St Augustine Socks by Terry Morris. And despite the picture, I promise you this is a VERY purple pair of socks.


So, time to put the potatoes in the oven to bake. They’re going to go with the steaks and cherry tomatoes for tonight’s dinner. We want to be done and have the kitchen clean before the Cardinals game at 7. We didn’t get drawn for World Series tickets this year (boo!) but we’re cheering them on anyway. I kind of think they’ll lose the LCS to the Giants and we’ll have a Giants/Orioles series. Or at least that’s what I thought until the Royals won twice in Baltimore. An I-70 series would be interesting. We’ll see.

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A Tragedy Averted

So yesterday I was really wanting something sweet. I have a yellow cake mix in the cabinet, but I’m really not satisfied with the standard chocolate butter cream frosting. It’s just not chocolaty enough. So I went online looking for a recipe I could use with what I had on hand. We all know how those internet rabbit trails work, and eventually I wound up settling on a recipe for Nutella brownies.

Yes, you read that right. Nutella. Brownies.

Only three ingredients, very simple, and I had to try them. The recipe I used was one 13 ounce jar of Nutella, 2 eggs, and 1/2 cup of flour. There were other more complex ones out there, but this one sang to me. I did decide they needed a handful of mini chocolate chips added in though. I gathered my ingredients and got ready to prep my pan before I started mixing. I grabbed the non-stick cooking spray out of the cabinet and merrily gave the pan a shot.

Something about the smell made me pause.

Luckily I looked at the can rather than shrugging it off, and was able to wash out the Olive Oil Pam before I put my chocolaty batter of heaven in the pan. I never even knew such a thing existed, and there’s a can of it living in my pantry.

By the way, the brownies are excellent. They didn’t even need the chocolate chips. You should google up 3 ingredient Nutella brownies and give them a try.

So now that we’ve covered the important stuff, let’s talk knitting and weaving. I finished the Skandalwanderer this morning, and it’s been through the wash. These pictures are pre-wash.



Yeah, Crackhead loves photobombing. You know how cats are – they’re furry little assholes. He’s all cat.

One of these days I’ll stop being surprised by the difference in Wollmeise after washing. While you’re knitting with it you’re wowed by the colors, but it’s like knitting with splitty string. Washing though? Washing completely transforms it. It blooms and poofs and turns into lovely soft awesome finished objects. Even better, washing for WM means throwing it in with a load of laundry. To wash and to dry, although I do pull it out of the dryer and lay it out flat to get completely dry.


My loom stand finally arrived on Friday, and I assembled it and have the loom mounted upside down right now to use as a warping board. Since it’s upside down I’m not going to take a picture. I really love Kromski products, but I do get tired of always having to go online and search for instructions on how to put things together. If someone without an internet connection ordered one (paper catalogs and phone ordering is still a thing) they’d just be screwed on putting it together until they called their vendor and asked them to mail instructions.

I did finish the weaving on the first three of the six place mats I’m doing for my dining room.


I did them in a line with a break between each one. I put some waste yarn at the end of each one so there would be a little stability to the ends when I started the finishing.


I’ve got the ends worked in on one and a half of them. There are a ton of ends per mat (134 on each end) so it’s a slow process. I really like how it looks once they’ve been through the wash though, so it’s worth it to me.


So that’s it. I should finish the ends and get the last three warped up this week. Cardinal Playoff Baseball is all consuming at this point, so I need something relatively brainless to do while the games are on. Maybe the sock yarn blanket needs to come out for a few weeks.

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This Week There Has Been

A little progress on the Skandalwanderer.


A little progress on a second sock that’s been languishing since August 4.


Believe it or not, there has been no stash enhancement or new loom parts ordered. However, the vendor did finally get the shipment of loom stands in and I should have mine by the end of the week. Yay!

There has been a little bit of weaving on my place mats.


And finally there has been knitting on the Wool Peddler’s Shawl KAL.


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A Swatch By Any Other Name

Things have been productive around Chez Pahdoco the last few days. I finished off the Spring Dreamin’, and it’s 950 yards of beautiful lace weight goodness.



I finished my first actual weaving project – a plaid scarf.


It’s not perfect, but I’m okay with it. However, it’s a little scratchy for me.


Made some good progress on the Skandalwanderer this week.


How have I made this much progress this week? I got my 80 hours in by the end of the day Thursday, so I had Friday off as an RDO. I had a lovely quiet day spinning, weaving, and knitting. Work has felt stressful so it was very welcome.

I’ve kept Jim busy the last few days making me a few things to help with the loom. He’s made me extra shuttles, and some warping sticks. His latest was a couple of raddles, which help with making warps. One thing I didn’t realize about weaving was that I’d need a few clamps for holding things still on tables. When I mentioned it to Jim he said he had that covered. Boy did he.


These little jobs are great. Easy to use, no wearing out your wrist twisting screws, easy release, and gentle interfaces.

I need to swatch for a KAL we’re doing with Cheryl Oberle of her Wool Peddler’s Shawl. I’m going to use some gorgeous supposedly cashmere blend that’s been in my stash forever. Or since it’s a shawl I might just start knitting. But this morning, I did a weaving swatch. Except in weaver-speak it’s not swatching, it’s sampling. Whatever.

The point is, I took the yarns I want to use and spent a couple of hours warping up a bit and weaving it, then finishing it like I plan to do the project and running it through the washer.


This is finished but not washed.


And this is post washing.


It shrunk up a little more than I thought it might, which is good to know when I get ready to actually figure out how wide to make the warp and how long to weave the pieces, and how much to leave between them. Speaking of pieces, it’s going to be place mats. Terribly original I know, but I’d like to do something we can actually use. After that I’m thinking a nice pooling scarf.

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