Executive Decisions

We’ve been making them like crazy around here. But first I want to celebrate a few judicial decisions this week – first the one upholding the ACA. I agree it’s not a perfect law by any stretch, but it has helped millions of people get health insurance who couldn’t before. Since I can’t see the US ever implementing single payer, it’s probably as close as we’re going to get to providing health care to everyone. I believe that’s a basic right, especially in a country as rich as the US. Next happy decision is the one upholding the Fair Housing Act. After SCOTUS gutted the voting rights act a couple of years ago I figured they only took this case to do the same to Housing protections, so it was a happy surprise.

And of course the huge one, we finally have marriage equality. About damn time. To quote Rachel Maddow, “The thing about rights is you’re not supposed to vote on them.” ┬áBesides, nobody has ever actually been able to tell me how two other people getting married has ANY impact on my marriage at all. Because GOD as a reason is beyond worthless.

So – on to the Executive ones. Last week we got new carpet in the front room and in both bedrooms. Actually got the exact same thing we put in the living room last year. It looks really good and we’re very pleased with it.


Sorry about the blur.

As you can see the front room is our exercise/fiber room. Behind me when taking the picture is a south facing bay window. You’ve seen it before, it’s where the boy’s cat tree lives. Anyway, because we had to tear up three rooms for the carpet, we took the opportunity to go on a major decluttering tear. I know it doesn’t really look like I’ve removed anything with my fiber stash in the picture, but two batches of stuff have already gone to Goodwill or Habitat or wherever Jim has been taking it. There’s more to go. It’s been cluttery stuff this time, although there was a little bit of clothes out of the spare bedroom closet. I’m still going through a couple of shelves and I need to go through the bags in the yarn room, but it’s almost finished and the rooms look so much more open. It’s pretty awesome.

Next decision deals with Tour de Sock. I have an overflowing sock drawer. I can go a month between handknit sock laundering and not run out. So I don’t feel a pressing need to make new socks. Nor do I have a snowball’s chance in hell of knitting a pair faster than the majority of knitters in Finland. So while I’m going to keep registering every year to support the cause and get the patterns, I’m done with trying to knit them. I’m still not finished with the ones that released last Sunday, even though I like them.


The next pair releases on Wednesday and they’re beaded. I have a meeting and probably dinner with my friend and financial guy that night. I’m still working on the house. Mom comes in the next Tuesday, and I leave for Camp the day after that. So stage four just isn’t happening for me. I’m pretty sure stage five will release while I’m gone to camp. So why am I killing myself and not knitting what I want to? Good question. The answer is I’m not any more. I’ll probably finish these this week just to clear them, but I’m still debating whether to finish the second stage (see last week’s post) or reclaim the yarn for something else. Right now I’m leaning towards the latter.

Plus Tour de Fleece starts on July 4, and I’m serious about spinning every single day of the Tour (except the two official rest days and the one day I’m traveling) for at least 15 minutes. There are four wheels living in my house now and while Jim is not one to complain about my hobbies he has mentioned once or twice how I have four and can only spin on one at a time. I figure him seeing me spinning on four different wheels in a week will be a good thing. Oh, and using the spindles too. I haven’t decided yet what sort of project is going on them.

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I’m A Terrible Human

No word for two whole weeks. Not so much as a peep. But I don’t think anyone noticed, so it’s all good.

Why the break? Tour de Sock started up, and while I’m not even trying to compete I’m still trying to knit the socks. The first one I got finished before the deadline, but it wound up being exhibition only because I made a BIG mistake and by the time I saw it I wasn’t going to go back and fix it. Can you spot it?


Also a crappy cell photo, sorry.

The second stage is an absolutely gorgeous sock, but being stranded it’s very slow knitting for me. I worked on it pretty steadily for a while, but I finally decided I wasn’t going to worry about finishing it and I had other things I wanted to work on anyway. So here are my Forest Fire socks (or sock since there’s not even half of one done yet).


I really, really wanted to spin so I’ve done some of that. I’m almost done with the first of the Spotted Circus braids, but don’t have a new picture to show you of them. I gotta tell you though, I don’t think I’m going to want to give up my 19″ Reeves. He’s just such a sweet little spinner.

I also took his new big sister for a spin. Denise is going to be releasing some Shetland patterns in the next few months, and I want to spin for one of them. I did this just letting the fiber do what it wanted and plying from a center pull ball. I know I’ll be able to get thinner more even yarn when I’m really trying – this was just starting to play with the wheel/fiber combo.


I actually have a Camp Contest entry this year! Obviously I’m not going to show it until after Camp, and it’s also not quite finished yet. I leave in only 17 days, and I can’t wait. When I first started going it was all about the knitting. While the knitting is still important, it’s come to be all about the people. I can’t wait to see my Camp family again.

I knit a little more on the Ashworth Scarf. It’s such nice plain relaxing knitting that it’s kind of become my go-to when I’m not competing with something.


And finally a wee bit of Stash Enhancement. This is the May RSC shipment, called Loopty Loo. It looks pretty Christmasy to me, but I’m sure I’ll find something to do with it.


Happy Fathers day to anyone who celebrates it.

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What The Hell Is That?

That big bright thing in the sky? Feels like it’s even generating some heat? It seems like I should know what it is. I have a hazy memory of seeing it before. Whatever it is, I hope it sticks around.

What is this sproingy looking mess?


That’s the Magic Trick fresh off the wheel. Once it’s been soaked it transforms and settles down and turns into lovely, colorful yarn. 700 yards worth, which is pretty nice for chain plied yarn, which is a three ply. That means a 2,100 yard long single. I broke it a couple of times while I was plying but it wasn’t a huge deal.


This is the yarn I’m going to use for the first stage of Tour de Sock 2015. I’m not even trying to “win” this year, I’m just going to enjoy it. I’ve joined the No Team Clubhouse, which is nice because we sort of have our own place to hang out. The individual stage threads get way too much action for me to keep up.


These are the Rainbow Socks, or Socks For The Moon. I finished them this week and they’re soft and lovely.


This is the Extinction scarf I actually finished knitting on March 30. First I blocked it way too hard, then some claws got caught in it and snagged it. I think the dog and the cats got in on that particular action. So I wadded it up and shoved it out of the way in disgust, until last week when I took a deep breath and checked the damage. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, although there are a couple of snags I can’t fix. No holes though. So I soaked it again, then just used my hands to spread it out on the tile floor in the yarn room. Impossible to over block when you can’t pin something out. After I laid it out I shut the door until it was dry.


And what is this?


This is some beautiful washed Smokey. The weather finally cooperated with me getting outside to sort out a batch to work. Since it’s raw fleece there’s poop and veggie matter and dirt and stuff in it. Not exactly what I want in the carpet, even if I do use a shower curtain for a drop cloth.

The final What The Hell Is That? Picture first.


It’s like a rake with a beard or something. Funny looking, no?

It’s called a hackle, and it’s a tool you use for prepping fiber. Here I’m using it to hold about 3 comb loads of fiber before pulling it off into roving. You can also use them to blend fibers. Like the combs it’s a spiky sharp thing you have to be careful with. But oh boy the Smokey fiber is just something special. One of these days I’ll actually start spinning it.

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Road Trip!

Just a little road trip, yesterday before the storms started up. We left about 8 in the morning and got home about 2 in the afternoon. Jim drove so I worked on my sock.


Past the heel turn and sailing down the foot now.

I just finished the singles of the Magic Trick a few minutes ago. Seems like it’s taken forever to spin, but considering how the weather has been the last week I shouldn’t be surprised.


I’ll probably ply it tomorrow morning. Right now the idea is to have a cook out with David and his family some time.

The road trip was to Bartlesville to pick up this.


The wheel, not the dog. Brandi has been here for a long time. The wheel is a walnut Reeves Norwegian. I did a little tweaking on the setup yesterday and spun up a little sample before the storms got close enough to make me stop and get dressed and help get the animals down in the shelter.

She spins as beautifully as she looks. Absolutely fabulous. I’ll probably sell my 19″ Reeves eventually, but right now I’ve got a project going on it that I want to finish. I’m trying to hold off starting a new spinning endeavor until I get through the two or more I’ve currently got on bobbins. This was about 30 minutes of work from last night and I can’t wait to do more.


Happy Memorial Day to all who have served, and to their families who have given so much to keep us free.

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A Little Slower

I hadn’t been doing much fiber work this week because my elbow tentonitis has flared and I haven’t wanted to aggravate it. Then yesterday’s mail happened.


All goodies from Loop!, which I found irresistible. So all evening last night while we were watching the storms I spun.


Since I took that picture I’m almost through the mustard. Not a color I like, but somehow when you finish one of these bumps it always looks right.

Did a little bit of knitting and finished the first of my socks that should be visible from the moon.


They don’t look very bright there, but trust me they are.

Now I’m going back to spinning.

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