No Looking It Up

Define applause in your own words.

Next week I’ll tell you why. Although it’s nothing earth shattering, it’s just a knitting thing.

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Another Fiber Weekend

I’ve been just a wee bit spoiled lately. Got home earlier today from a lovely weekend retreat hosted by Gourmet Yarn. It was at Roman Nose state park, which is a nice easy drive from OKC. Far enough that you’re not tempted to run home for things, but close enough that you don’t dread the car ride. Jim went along and played chauffeur, bought meals, and helped make sleeping in a different place not feel so strange. He also got to play golf yesterday on a course he doesn’t normally play.

The retreat project is a really pretty cowl MG designed. I’m about half way through. Not sure if I’ll be able to wear it, since it’s got a strand of mohair knit along, but I’ll certainly try.


Did some more spinning on the Sheep 2 Shoe. I’m about half way done with the second batch of singles. It’s destined to be chain plied to make a slow striping sock yarn.


Friday the mailman (have I mentioned I love my mailman?) brought my new Trindles before Jim came to pick me up from work. Top to bottom, there’s a marbled ebony, another bog (I know!), and a waterfall mahogany. They’re absolutely beautiful additions to my collection, and I think they’ll do a great job on that Redfish Dyeworks fiber I got at Stitches last weekend.


The other thing I’ve been knitting on is the Plan B socks. I think I might finish them tonight. That’s my hope anyway. The pattern really draws in when it’s off foot, but they fit very nicely.


Cross your fingers for my Cardinals. They’re looking a little rough around the edges here at the very end of the season, and we want to try to go to the World Series this year.

Happy knitting!

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My First Time

To attend a Stitches that is. Went to Irving for the inaugural Stitches Texas and had a nice time. The market was about twice the size of the DFW Fiber Fest, and supposedly it was half the size of a normal Stitches market. Got to spend some time with Denise, which always makes me happy. There were more yarn shops there than I would have liked to see, but still were plenty of Indies.

The fiber haul:


Those top three that are so shiny and very much my colors? 50/50 yak/silk from Greenwood Fiberworks and OH HOLY SHIT. It’s amazing stuff. The red is some nice BFL, and the two matching gradients are from Two If By Hand. That bottom right blob? Some 50/50 silk/super fine Merino from Redfish Dyeworks. It is the fluffiest merino blend I’ve ever run into. They did an absolutely superb job at not compacting/felting it.

Yarn wise it’s almost all sock yarn.


The gray and blue in the bag are a Dr Who themed kit for an illusion scarf and hat. The purple/gray is a fingering weight Merino/bamboo and the gray is a lace weight Merino/silk. The two white are cobweb Shetland for a scarf, and the three sagey ones are Foothills Fingering for another Vitamin D. The rest is sock yarn, except the speckled ones will probably be some sort of scarf/shawl thing.

Okay, so not anywhere close to almost all sock yarn.

Knitting wise I’ve not done a whole lot. I’m up to the toe grafting on the first Plan B sock.


Pardon the over exposure, I should have changed the white balance. The pattern is really easy to work and I love how it looks. I suspect I’ll knit more than one pair using it.

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Everyone Needs A Plan B

Since life doesn’t always work out the way we plan, sometimes we need a backup. A Plan B. Maybe we’re an idiot and forget to renew our domain name, so we go with Plan B and skip a week of blogging. Sometimes sock yarn doesn’t work on the way we plan either. The colors don’t work out in a sock like we think they will when we buy the skein. Plan B can come in handy then too.


This awesome thing¬†from the talented Adrienne Fong is one of the Sock Sniper patterns this year. I’m in as a non-combatant and have been enjoying watching the carnage from the safety of the Sock Shelter where we chickens¬†sane people hang out watching the casualties pile up. But the more socks I saw knit out of this pattern, the more I wanted to make a pair. So I cast them on yesterday and am really enjoying both knitting them and seeing the yarn working like it is.

I got my repaired Trindle back and have started on the last bit of the red fiber.


I’m going to wind up with four spindles full with the first couple of ounces of this fiber. I think I’ll probably wind them off onto a single storage bobbin, then do the same with the second batch and ply them on one of the wheels. But I’ve got a little while to decide.

My little black cat is always worth a laugh.


I finished the first half of the Sheep 2 Shoe sock yarn


and started on the next bit.


The colors do match, it’s just one photo was taken in daylight and one was in the dark with a flash.

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Completely Finished

Last week I had plied the Southdown but hadn’t finished it yet. I actually did that, and wound up with 406 yards. Which is actually more than I thought I’d have.


It’s not something I think I’ll be able to wear next to my skin, so I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. Maybe a hat that I line with something else? Dunno.

The next thing I’ve started is the last of my Spin the Bin 2015 Challenge. It’s the BMFA Sheep 2 Shoe kit in Storm Large. I actually think they put an exclamation point after the color name, but I’m not.


I’m doing six ounces of it with worsted to be chain plied for socks, then I’m going to do a little reprocessing with the last two ounces just to play.

Knitting wise I finished up the test knit and have mailed the socks off to Mom.



Simple pattern, and a nice soothing knit. They’re absolutely more suited to a more solid yarn than what I used. It’s a nice tonal, but there’s enough variation in the color saturation that the pattern pretty much disappears.

I dragged the sock yarn blanket back out to work on. Garter stitch is appealing right now. I’m not interested in going into why.


And finally the one-off bag for the 10th Anniversary of the Rockin Sock Club came last week. It’s a really, really well made bag by Queen Bee Creations.


Specially printed fabric, really nice construction, heavy weight, lined with sturdy fabric.


Plus the ubiquitous tape measure and one of the little tool boxes both printed with the RSC logo. There were actually people bitching on the Rav boards about the extras for the cost, and about the club in general. Some people need to learn a little more about hand crafted stuff. I’m not talking cheap church sale shit, but quality crafted goods. There’s NOTHING to complain about with this.

Happy Sunday.

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