Kinda Wobbling

So you may have noticed I haven’t spent money on yarn (actual finished yarn, not fiber) since before Christmas. This has been very deliberate on my part because of the insane amount of yarn I already have. Plus I keep spinning more.


One of my besties has started dyeing yarn, and it’s for sale at Gourmet Yarn. Once I get through this week at work I’m off for 11 days so I will probably pop up next Saturday and pick some up. My other bestie makes her living with yarn and teaching knitting. There seems to be a pattern here.

Speaking of yarn I’ve spun, the main thing I knit on this week was the Manic Panic Cowl. I had to go to Kansas City for work, so it was my evening “knitting while watching Netflix” project. Still got a couple of inches to go before it’s wide enough, but I don’t think I’ll use up all the yarn.


I love how either side of linen stitch looks good. Since this is an actual Mobius even while knitting, it’s just (k1, slip 1 wyif) around and around and around. If you look closely you can see the pattern looks different on either side of the pink. Another nice thing is the fabric doesn’t curl at the edges, so I just have to make sure I bind off loosely enough.

The third TdS released while I was in KC. I decided to go ahead and knit it, but I don’t think I’ll make the cut off this time. It’s (appropriately) called Diamondback.


That’s another Yarns On Stage buy from 2010. I didn’t set out to only use yarns from that batch for TdS, but so far both pair have worked out that way.

I didn’t spin any last week, but today I felt the need to bring the mS out. This is some Cormo from the 2012 Woolgatherings Fancy Pants club. I haven’t spun Cormo before, and I’m really enjoying it. VERY soft stuff.


Camp is SOON. And once again I don’t have a contest entry. I had a character in mind and even toyed with some designs, but I’d be surprised if more than one or two people who will be there have even heard of the series she’s from. Or if they’d admit it if they had, because it’s not exactly high-brow reading. Not that the campers are stuck up, I just don’t think they’ll know about it. And I’m not loaning my copies of the first three books (there are three trilogies, the first one is the best) out to anyone.

I’ll probably have some drivel to post next weekend, then I’ll skip a week.

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Life Is Busy

So I’ve been remiss in posting.

Last week I had training in Missouri, and next week I’m in Kansas City working all week. Home the week after, then going to Camp. I guess being busy keeps me out of trouble, but it does make it hard to stop and blog sometimes.

So – I did the first round of Tour de Sock.


I used a sock blank that’s been in my stash since 2010. They haven’t been washed yet so they still look more textured than they will in the end. It’s an Adrienne Fong pattern, and I generally really enjoy hers. This one was no exception. I really loved this little detail


of the lacy pattern in the gusset triangle.

We left a couple of days early for my training last week and visited with Beverly and Bill in Bella Vista. Spent Saturday afternoon enjoying the pool and was looking forward to doing the same Sunday. Unfortunately it wound up being a total rain out. The good part of that is I got the Coopworth completely spun up.


I’ve got to tell you, I wouldn’t have finished it if I had been using one of the wheels instead of the mS. I wound up having to use a short backward draft for the first time. It had to do with how tight (or really loose) I grip the fiber and how slippery this stuff is. The fiber is a little coarse for my taste, but I have an idea what to do with it. Eventually.

I did start another spin, but I didn’t get the mS out to take pictures of it. Still trying to decide if I want to take it with me next week or not.

Worked on my Happy New Year socks some more, and am working on the gusset decreases.


I’ve been wanting to knit with some of my hand spun for a while, and LSG just started a Rainbow-Along last week. Partly because June is Pride month, and partly as a response to the horrific attack in Orlando. This yarn isn’t technically rainbow, but it’s close enough and it’s pretty. The pattern is one I’ve been thinking about knitting for a while, and it just seemed like the right time to go for it.


And the majority of the car time during the trip (Jim went along as a fabulous chauffeur) was spent with my Wine Garden.


I’m almost through the second of 3.5 repeats of the last lace pattern. 1,024 stitch rounds take a loooong time to knit, even though the pattern isn’t hard.

Happy Father’s Day if any of you readers are dads.

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Dang I Did All That?

Wow it looks like I’ve been really busy this week.

I finished the Falkland and it’s really pretty.


And once it was washed up.


The color in the top picture is far more accurate.

My nephew graduated from high school on Saturday. The ceremony was downtown, right after another graduation for 500 or so kids, right across the street from where an NBA playoff game was going to happen 2 hours after his ceremony started. But there was no way I was going to miss it.

So yeah. We got there really early, and I was smart enough to take my simple sock knitting. Made some good progress on the Happy New Year socks that I’ve only been working on when I’m waiting somewhere.


Got a little done on them this morning before the 5k and on the way home too. I beat my goal for the 5k by well over a minute, and set a new goal for the next one I plan to run around Halloween.

Yesterday I finished scouring last year’s Margo fleece. A bit of it was really nice and soft and I’m hoping I get some more really nice stuff off her fleece I got this year. But I decided I wanted to work on George, the beautiful dark hogget fleece I got at DFW this year. I’ve been scouring my last two fleeces outside of bags, in layers. Because of the breed, that worked really well. With a lovely soft merino? Not so much.

I did two batches today and they’re drying now. I’m thinking I’ll go back to processing in bags again, but won’t decide for sure until those two batches are dry and I get a feel for how they came out.

Filled up one of my Turkish spindles this week.


When you finish filling the spindle, you slide the center shaft out the bottom. Then you slip the arms out


and you’re left with a nice little center pull blob to ply from.


I’ve created a monster with my black cat. He finally realized that’s a tree out there in the yard, and now I can’t keep him out of it. Today he was as high up as he could get a couple of times. Luckily he comes down when I call him. Puppycat big time.


I’ve also done lots of knitting on my Wine Garden shawl. I’m through one repeat of the Vines and Leaves chart. Still got 2 1/2 repeats to go, then the border.


And I’ve started another bin spin. This one is 16 ounces(!) of Coopworth from Hidden Valley Farms that I got at camp a couple of years ago. It’s nice fiber, but not something I think I’ll spin again. I have another pound of another color, so I’m offering it up as a prize in one of the Tour de Fleece teams I’m on this year.


That’s half of it.

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A Big Old Pi

I’ve made it through the final increase for my Kailyard, aka Wine Garden. That means I’m knitting 1,024 stitches per round.

1,024 is not a typo.

The nice part is I’ve knit the first patterned round, and I came out even at the end. It’s also a pattern that makes it easy to check if you’ve missed a yarn over on the subsequent plain round. After the first round of patterning I can read my knitting and see if I’m off track somewhere.


The little puckered up hole with the tail hanging off over to the left is actually the center of the shawl. I’ll snug that up before I block it. I think I’ve decided for sure that I’m going to use the grey for the border, to give me a nice rock wall around my Wine Garden.

Speaking of protecting things, we have a pair of cardinals nesting in the back yard. Unfortunately they chose to use a bush instead of a tree. Not a huge surprise, they like fairly dense cover. The bad part is that while Brandi hasn’t figured out they’re there yet, once their babies hatch and start cheeping it will all be over because she’ll have no trouble reaching them.

Enter my awesome husband.


That can come down in less than a month from what we’ve been able to figure out. The eggs hatch in 9-13 days, then the babies actually fledge and leave the nest in about 11 days. It’s so hard to not go poking around in there to see what’s going on, but I don’t want to disturb the birds. Honestly if it were sparrows we probably wouldn’t bother, but we both love seeing the bright red cardinals flitting around in the trees and visiting the feeders. We’ve been seeing more of them the last couple of years, and hope that continues.

I had a really busy fiber day yesterday. I scoured three batches of Margo, and have probably finished over half the fleece already. I haven’t been bagging the locks, so I’m able to do more in each batch. I also processed the second 4 ounce braid of Falkland on the blending board, and made lovely fluffy rolags out of it. I actually go them all spun up, and am ready to ply.


Thinking I’ll knit through the ball game and do the plying tonight. There are a couple of huge thick Rib Eyes in the fridge for dinner, and since my stomach is growling that may come sooner rather than later today.

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It’s Not Boring To Me

My only showing one spinning project might seem boring to you, but it’s certainly not to me. I finished all the singles of the Aleutian Islands.


And then I plied them.


And then I washed and snapped and thumped on them a little and got this lovely yarn.


There’s about 430 yards in total. But it’s poofy, so even though 215-ish yards for 4 ounces sounds about worsted, it’s actually more of a bulky.

One of these days I’ll start knitting with some of this stuff, but for now I’m happy petting it.

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